The Fake American Tarot (continued)

The Fake American Tarot

Back in September I published an article on a new tarot deck I’d discovered – which at that time was limited to the major arcana. In the few short weeks since then, our anonymous artist/compiler (known only as ‘MM’) has not only produced an entirely fresh minor arcana – but added a whole new suit too!

MM continues to mine the rich pop-culture seams for images and texts which are collaged with wit and humour – and may even contain nuts nuggets of wisdom. Their refusal to conform to – or even set – standards (disks, coins or pentacles? why not all of them?) frees the user (reader? observer?) from any previously learned ‘meanings’, and the addition of a whole new suit (called ‘Fifth’ – or maybe ‘Fives’) has provided us all with a whole new toy to play with. I recommend downloading the lot and printing them off onto a nice card – I’ll be doing so directly.

I’ll quote you just one observation from the creator: “At first I was disappointed by the subjectivity but, then I wasn’t.”

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