If You Get Turned Into A Shitty Internet Meme, Own It

Jesus people online are dicks. It’s sort of sad that recently I’ve found myself accidentally going off on random people and then being like, wait, that person wasn’t being a dick. What the fuck is wrong with me? What’s wrong with me is that as an internet writer I’ve been dealing with people telling me I suck all day every day for nearly 5 years.

Then last November happened and the constant shit talking ramped up to 11. I tune it out most of the time, but yeah, there’s actually been a few times in recent memory where I’ve been like, awesome, I’m now just being an asshole to random people accidentally because I’m just assuming their running their mouths. Gonna have to work on that.

Anyway, this was a great story about psychologically confronting your online harassment. Fine work. (from paintaf):

“So it’s happening again. An almost 2-year-old meme of me is making its rounds on the internet. It all started with an internet fight when I was fundraising for my name change. This guy got really upset about it, about how my gender couldn’t be a thing so when he came across my tinder profile he screen capped it and sent it to a page with over 400k followers, from there it went viral.

I address the concerns/comments about this on my youtube channel.

I was harassed for several months but the breaking point is when this meme was made.

This meme signified a huge turning point for me, because well, I laughed at it. Suddenly the online harassment didn’t hold power over me anymore. To me, the meme captured perfectly what I was and didn’t really lie about anything, it just was.

I made it better though and made a consensual version of the meme, (because to me, Oppression and Chill sounds sexy)


When I made this meme I posted it to the pages which harassed me and it got one powerful response:

“I was simply looking for more things to amuse myself with when I saw your post to that page, and shame suddenly hit me for having been part of those people who dismissed your cause.

The people behind it were no longer as far away as I had once thought”

This was just one, of many conversations and conversions of energy that went on as I continued to react to the meme and process it in my own way.

Things were pretty intense the year I went viral, every bro-dude seemed to be planning to dress as Caitlyn Jenner, and so I thought, why not dress as myself.


I went to work like that, at a coffee shop, serving lattes and had powerful conversations with customers about online bullying. It reassured me that the hatred I was facing online was not indicative of what society really thought, and the people I talked to all seemed to have my back.

I later found out that a 15-year-old girl actually did glue some hair to her face and a bead to represent my piercing and dressed as me for Halloween. I literally was a costume. Some of my friends had some not nice things to say about her, so I posted a public apology on my Instagram because even a kid does not deserve that kind of hate.”

(read the rest over at paintaf)

Thad McKraken

Thad McKraken

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Thad McKraken