Let’s Get Real About How Much You’re Affecting Reality

As a seer, I always wondered why rootworkers were always way more intense for me to be around than ceremonial magicians. I’m realizing that people that are part of systems that have a huge emphasis on controlled and constant manifestation and utilization of psychism feel drastically different from people whose magic begins and ends with alignment and mysticism within the context of ritual.

I’m figuring out the flavors of different systems and it’s interesting to feel what the problems or benefits to different ones are. I feel how minimal or thick the hesitation to use and enforce magic is. If someone’s actually very good at magic, it can be extremely uncomfortable to be in their presence, versus somebody that collects grimoires but is never dishing out magic constantly, regularly, /making/ reality work for them. I understand why there’s been a fear of magicians in the past. Noticing these traits in systems has made me reevaluate a lot of my life and the world around me, especially within the general “occult community”.

Botanicas, occult stores, and new age stores will each feel different, and it’s interesting to pick up on the hesitancy to say, curse a rude customer.


Occult store: “uhhhhhh….it would be too much work,,.,.it would take me an hour”

New age: “I refuse to even process the notion of cursing because I prefer most of my actions be solely surrounding beneficial emotional modification”

Botantica: “already cursed, lol”

What do power and survival actually mean to you? Is it coincidence that people gravitate towards the systems that they need?

I needed my intelligence stimulated, I needed the complexities of my conditions explored, explained, and I think that’s reflective in how much magic I’m comfortable utilizing, and that I got comfortable interacting with more armchair communities. I didn’t need to feed my kids, or find a rich husband to take care of me. I was in my early teens and was being fed and clothed. I was not getting tossed around through CPS, needing mojo bags and fast spells made from whatever I could get my hands on in order to ensure that the next day I didn’t get put in a home with a bunch of terrible people.

The stereotype of “New Age moms” just needing emotional comfort or transformation seems to align with this idea. They tend to be demographically in places that don’t require survival.

People that are magically inclined and truly want survival, when utilizing their skills properly, seem to be affecting reality more than everybody else.

Sarah Wreck

Sarah Wreck

Sarah is the creator of the daily comic strip "Shitty Occult Comics", the author of "Slaughter of the Snake" and a facilitator for the purpose of attempting to provide more information resources to sensitive children and adults. She also writes regularly for CVLTNation and Disinformation.
Sarah Wreck