The Purple Man: Los Angeles’ New Ballot Addition for 2018

A few weeks ago, I was at the Trump Star in Hollywood for a “Purple Party” rally (see platform here). I was amazed. Ecstatic, even. David Griffin was going to be there, as well as a spokesperson from InfoWars. I couldn’t wait to see the shitstorm.

It did not disappoint, even though “The  Purple Man”, the organizer of the event, did not show up, and nobody from InfoWars showed up due to their phobia of the O.T.O.

This left the L.A. creative mystics and the Griffins to intermingle. Everyone was on a different page. David Griffin told passerby’s that it was a ritual to support Trump, while the L.A. natives were clearly against Trump. David Griffin and the LA Purple Party members did not know each other personally. They had completely different agendas that were overached by the The Purple Man’s idealism. But he did not show up. I couldn’t help wondering what his reasoning was for putting such politically-opposite magic-enthusiasts in the same space without /any sort of mediation/ whatsoever.

It was a beautiful disaster, in my eyes. Leslie and David did their usual meme-bullshit (available here), and L.A. Purple Party members were oblivious to the Griffins’ general motives and reputations. Half the people involved felt discomfort afterwards upon learning who Griffin was, and Leslie and David publicly declared the Purple Party Members to be “Satanists”, even going to far as to film them praising Babylon and set it to spooky music. You can find that video here.


At a later event, the organizer of these rallies, “The Purple Man”,  was arrested, and a lot of people in the Los Angeles occult community had newsfeeds screaming: “FREE THE PURPLE MAN” all over their Facebook newsfeed. This video went viral.

So you can imagine how surprised I was to run into him late on a Sunday night in Hollywood a few days after his arrest. My friend and I saw The Purple Man leaning up against a tree in front of a bar, looking dissociative or in a trance, smoking.

“Good to see you out of jail!” I said as I approached him. He went forth to tell me about his time spent in jail, getting branded as “mentally ill”, and how he actually /did/ show up to the rally I observed weeks prior.

I decided it was time Disinfo interviewed The Purple Man.


SW: Ok so, how did you experience the event at the Trump Star? You were there, observing the proceeds from a different angle?

TPM: SHHHHH!!! (conspiratorial silence, index finger to lips) Darling, you KNOW I cant say TOO much about that night, whether I was there “in the flesh” or not, or why I could or couldn’t be there, and WHO EXACTLY is in charge of determining such things….In fact, I’m not even supposed to be talking to you now, and this whole thing is probably just going to blow my cover and get me “disappeared” again though by HIDING IN PLAIN SIGHT I am hoping it will become harder and harder to disappear me THIS TIME *wink wink *nudge nuge…..Lets just say I was floating around wearing a big Purple Burqa while my gorgeous boyfriend was doing the biggest brighest Middle Pillar Ritual (with the biggest brightest Third Leg Boner) of his life and considering the absolutely FABULOUS swirl of contradictory/complementary purpley-gray energies that were going around that night NO ONE SEEMED TO TAKE MUCH NOTICE AND IT HAPPENED EXACTLY THE WAY IT WAS SUPPOSED TO ANYWAY *wink wink * nudge nudge #elohel What I love most about all this is how everyone just LOVED each other and vibrated with each other as HUMAN BEINGS before they found out they were on completely OPPOSITE sides of the ideological spectrum….. THEN ALL HELL BROKE LOOSE…..But that’s why we leave our precious merely mental IDEOLOGY at the HENGE with the rest of our tacky surface level SKIN SUITS…..If you wanna fuck with me, children, you better come out bare ass backwards asstrolly NAKED on all levels, one simply CANNOT tolerate any level of lukewarm HUMAN ALL TOO HUMAN half-assed-ness on THIS LEVEL, sweetie-darlings!


SW: Politics with magical undertones don’t have the greatest track record, especially when the masses don’t quite understand the concepts that inspire the movement. What do you plan to do differently politically?
TPM: Oh you mean like the Nazis?!!? #elohel Nah, they, like the Marxists before them, were just total metaphysical MORONS. They just married their New Age/New Aeon Theosophy and Thelema the WRONG WAY, with the wrong sort of Hegelian Dialectic, BELOW and not ABOVE, the abyss, so the opposites just kinda of sloppy sexed each other and become a sort of tacky gaudy ectoplasmic goo without ever really producing the THIRD TERM in the triad and so stayed the same kind of tacky “class warfare” or whatever “soft duality” for the rest of the 20th century. I actually have the SECRET of that marriage in the back of my purple bus/mobile mosque in wooden elemental form, his name is LAM and he comes straight out of the VOICE OF THE SILENCE (via Crowley and Blavasky in GEMS OF THE EQUINOX of course). I actually know a thing or two about Alchemy and the Alchemical process because, unlike Hitler (despite the conspiracy theories), I am actually an Initiate (hello OTO! hello OTA!) , and unlike Hitler, I am actually a SUCCESSFUL artist, having AT LEAST 5,000 views on one of my vimeo videos *rolls eyes* #elohel (DID YOU KNOW I HAVE BEEN INCARNATING WILLIAM BLAKE’S “AMERICA A PROPHECY” FOR THE PAST THREE OR FOUR YEARS VARIOUSLY AS THE RED, WHITE AND BLUE MAN WITH SOME OF NYC’S MOST RIDICULOUS DRAG QUEENS AND CLUB KIDS BEFORE I STARTED INCARNATING THE PURPLE MAN OF THE THOTH DECK LOVER’S CARD WITH SOME OF LA’S MOST RIDICULOUS WITCHES AND WIZARDS?!?) and UNLIKE, say, a Stalin or a Mao I have like ZERO interest in being any sort of “leader” I very much prefer my glamorous hermit’s life of being the scary purple witch on the lake….. IT JUST SO HAPPENS that I am the only crackhead on my block crazy enough to go out to these protests in PurpleFace and inject a little LIFE into the otherwise dull mechanical shouting match that happens on either side cuz if there is one thing I can’t tolerate in life it is being BORED and living on the streets as I do having to see this kind of BASIC BEIGE shit on a daily basis I am hoping people will take my lead and start “chanting rhythmical nonsense” (as one protester describe my antics) in hebrew or sanskrit and vibrating and tracing radical geometries in the air with the most colorful neon gnostic catholic pageantries from now on!!! — besides, my only interest in gaining power is to make it virtually impossible for anyone to have this kind of power in the future (through the Founding Father’s brilliant three branches of the alchemical social process, namely, sulphur, salt and mercury checks and balances, federal decentralization, etc.) SO HERE WE ARE. And, in the end, I guess it’s better to have people in power with at least ONE DEGREE of enlightenment as opposed to say, none??? I mean, I got at least EIGHT DEGREES to go (in theory), BUT STILL?!?! (We are basically just reincarnating Hakim Bey via William Burroughs via Brion Gysin via William Blake via Abraxas via Shiva/Horus anyway…..)


SW: What happened the day you were arrested?
TPM: Well, I showed up with all my ritual objekts in hand and went straight for the RADICAL MIDDLE in between the warring pro TRUMP and anti TRUMP protestors and just as I got the first vibrations of Kether out of my mouth an officer came and told me I had to “choose a side”….when I refused the officers threatened me with arrest so I picked up my ritual objekts and went away from the RADICAL MIDDLE (realizing that there actually WAS no “designated middle” in the first place, by Design, to promote 2018 Saturn-Pluto Return Race War) but further down the same street, and just as I was getting ready to hold up my infamous STOP BINARY THINKING sigil (which would have instantly glitched out and deprogrammed EVERYONE in the crowd!!!) they cuffed me and the rest is as they say HERSTORY….ON THE INSIDE, though, is where the real fun started, I just went straight up to my booking officer still completely in PurpleFace and said “HELLO OFFICER, I AM THE PURPLE MAN, PLEASED TO MEET YOU!” and apparently he did not believe me cuz he labeled me “mentally unstable and unsuited for general population” and on the day of my trial basically locked me in the most freezing cell in the basement with the AC literally on BLAST (they knew what they were doing!) on the cold concrete floor with no blanket my hands handcuffed to my waist so I could barely take a shit properly…. I thought I was going to freeze to death completely forgotten about denied any legal counsel whatsoever (they even closed the little eyehole slit so no one could see me on the inside) so I just kept wailing at the wall variously in sanskrit and hebrew (as is my custom!!) at the top of my lungs getting every wall and iron bar around me to vibrate OM NAMAH SHIVA!!!! Until finally someone must have caught me on TV or something then they really started to believe me when some of my fellow inmates started chanting “PURPLE LIVES MATTER!” and finally at the end of the day when virtually everyone else was let out of the courthouse they finally felt obliged to let me out and booked me at county jail with the rest of the crackheads drag queens and faggots in twin towers where we basically vogued and sang PURPLE RAIN and talked about the wonders of PNP sex magick the rest of the night AND ALL WAS WELL AND RITE WITH THE WORLD….


SW: Do you think unity will ever be possible?
TPM: Um, DUH! If it is possible that a former hardcore TEA PARTY TEABAGGER turned RADICAL OCCUPY WALLSTREETER could turn into an equally RADICAL MODERATE purple witch then WHY NOT EVERYONE ELSE?? UNITY UTTERMOST SHOWED (as we say in our daily RESH sun adorations like good little Thelemites!!) already exists on the level of the single cell and the internal penis/vagina, its just about bringing that same sort of unity all the way up the rest of the fucking ideological metaphysical TREE of fucking LIFE, and not by BLURRING all difference (as you would in the “COLLECTIVE”) or by total alienation (as you would in the “INDIVIDUAL”) but by a concerted COAGULA ET SOLVE analytic-synthetic-integral state of consciousness that simultaneously recognizes difference transcends it then INTEGRATES it on the next higher rung of the metaphysical ladder (the “MULTITUDE”)…..Just imagine that dangerous faggot MILO becoming EVEN MORE DANGEROUS by accidentally becoming enlightened via Osho Rajneeh’s commentaries on the 112 SHIVA TANTRAS and the rite kind of autistically induced amphetamine salt shamanism on the biggest blackest dick of all (namely the god damn LINGAM herself) and you got ME, darling! 🙂 And if there’s one thing we can all agree on, left or right, it’s that we need to END THE PAPER MONEY VOODOO PSYCHICK VAMPIRE BLACK MAGICK OF THE FEDERAL RESERVE / CENTRAL BANKING CARTEL ONCE AND FOR ALL, lets all get together and focus on that from now on (that’s what they are most afraid of anyway?!?!) we’ll make it the MIDDLE PILLAR of PURPLE PARTY POLICY and the rest of the world will fall magickally into place from there, capice?!?!


SW: Are you worried about drawing more attention to yourself in order to shoot for office?
TPM: TOO LATE NOW BABY 😉 the great thing about my life is being able to say “IM JUST THE MEDIUM, FOCUS ON THE MESSAGE” at the end of the day Im just gonna wash off all the purple and deny everything….UNTIL IT STICKS….IN MY FUCKING DNA…..(which is already happening due to all this god damn Pleiadian influence, dammit!!!!)

SW: How can people contact you to donate to your cause?

TPM: Join the PURPLE PARTY USA facebook group page lots of New Alexandria desert fun planned for the next couple of months until someone feels cool enough to slather us up a proper web page, if you want to read the HOLY BOOKS OF THE PURPLE BROTHER/SISTER/HOOD go to , if you want to watch the HOLLY SNUFF FILMS OF THE PURPLE BROTHER/SISTER/HOOD go to and always remember when it comes to those things you hate most in life…..THOU ART THAT, folks! BE THE BIGGEST BRIGHTEST PURPLEST DONALD TRUMP YOU WERE MEANT TO BE! YOU manifested him after all! Blessed be! 93


Ever since the initial controversy surrounding Augustus Sol Invictus a few years ago, eccentric Thelemite personalities within the context of modern politics is extremely fascinating to me. I feel like an elderly man with binoculars looking for rare birds to watch and observe the movements of.

Hey, if Crowley were still around, he’d be proud of the fuckin’ balls (as well as the “tabloid” publicity of course).

Sarah Wreck

Sarah Wreck

Sarah is the creator of the daily comic strip "Shitty Occult Comics", the author of "Slaughter of the Snake" and a facilitator for the purpose of attempting to provide more information resources to sensitive children and adults. She also writes regularly for CVLTNation and Disinformation.
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