Subliminal Pokémon Weirdness (My review of “Pokémon: I Choose You!”)

Official art for "Pokemon: I Choose You!"

I rarely go to the movies, but somehow I ended up going to see a new Pokémon movie that I was unaware even existed, “Pokémon: I Choose You!” The movie had very limited show times, only one showing per day at the myriad of theaters around me, and only on a very limited number of days. There were no trailers shown prior to the movie, which seemed fairly odd, and of course the best part is they give you a Pokémon card.

Now, the reason I am writing about this Pokémon movie on Disinfo is because of just how tripped out this movie turned out to be. I must say, other than the annoying high pitched repetitive Pokémon noises, I did thoroughly enjoy the film. It was essentially the first episode of the original Pokémon TV series put into an entire film and updated with new weird Pokémon that didn’t exist during my childhood. Including a “shadow” type Pokémon that is lurking around the main character, Ash, invisibly without his knowledge.


Ash is essentially the chosen one because of a series of synchronicities that play out in the first 15 minutes of the film. Because he is late to wake up in the morning and get his first Pokémon, he ends up getting the rejected Pikachu. This leads to him being in the right place at the right time to receive the magical rainbow feather blessing from a benevolent god like bird Pokémon, “Ho-Oh”. Typical Pokémon movie, cartoon story stuff.

Later on in the movie is when it really started to peak my interest, with this “shadow” Pokémon that lurks invisibly and silently around Ash throughout the film. When Ash becomes depressed, angry, vengeful, and overcome with all sorts of negative emotions, the shadow Pokémon “Marshadow” emerges to feed off of his suffering. Ash ends up going on a dark journey within his own mind. He lives out a timeline where everything goes wrong, Where Pokémon don’t even exist, including his beloved Pikachu. He basically has a bad trip if you will, gets stuck in a bad place mentally and ultimately grows from it. But the way that they portray the shadow lurking succubus Pokémon in this movie is not necessarily an overly evil one. For one thing, they made the shadow Pokémon the most adorable one other than Pikachu.

I was moved to draw this guy after the film

I was moved to draw this guy after the film

There is no doubt that the film is dominated by epic Pokémon battles, and a best buds love story between Ash and Pikachu. However beyond that, they clearly demonstrate to the audience the positive role this shadow being plays in the main character’s life, by helping him to see what he needs to change. By showing him that he can be the master of his own Poke-reality, or he can dive into a pit of despair created by his own mind. Faced with this understanding Ash ultimately prevails, and fulfills his destiny to be a Pokémon master. Because he gave it up to his destiny, and fought with courage, honesty, friendship, all that good stuff… he overcame all obstacles, internal and external.

The point being…

I want to be the very best. Like no one ever was.

Wait, where was I?

The point being, we can all be like Ash. Sure it’s basically a kid’s movie that grown ass people were watching clutching Pokémon dolls they brought from home. The kind of people that have never and maybe will never take psychedelics. But that’s how some of those people, potentially for the first time in their life, might actually click with that message. The message, that we can be the masters of our own reality. We can conquer our inner demons, and overcome our greatest fears. All while achieving what we yearn for. What makes us happy. Fulfilling our destiny.


At least one of those grown Pokémon fans is bound to have an awakening moment after seeing this film. And so many young children watching this film may well inadvertently alter their lives for the better by what they learn subliminally. This is why it’s important for those who are “woke” or get it to create art of all kinds to act as an opposing force to the advertising and propaganda that seeks to keep us trapped in the shadow realm, blasting us with fear, disparity, or personal insecurities.

I was glad to end up seeing this movie, even though I didn’t choose it… it chose me! After all, the animation and visuals were pretty gnarly, and it gave me something to write about. Overall it’s cool that they are putting out such a message, even if they’re raking in massive profits and selling ungodly amounts of useless Pokémon shit to everyone.

Hey, this was a review of the movie, not the companies involved. My props go to the director though. Kunihiko Yuyama, who upon further investigation basically directed every Pokémon film and TV project ever. He is certainly fulfilling his destiny, and living to his full potential. What are you doing?

Oh yea, I almost forgot about the wise old rainbow hippy guy. Watch out for him, he’ll have some advice for ya.


Franklin Russell

Franklin Russell

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