Is 2017 the Year That Rock & Roll Died?

While not exactly going away completely anytime soon, has rock & roll become culturally irrelevant?

Recently when Tom Petty passed away I was ruminating on the fact that there were pretty much only two musical acts universally revered by fans of all modern music – Tom Petty & AC/DC. Even dedicated hip hop fans were exposed to these artists through samples and added to the genres musical lexicon.

And then not long after that, Malcolm Young, the rhythm guitarist, songwriter and backbone of AC/DC passed away. And even though he had not been playing with the band for a few years due to declining health, his absence will be felt, and there will never be one of his thunderous riffs powering a new track again.

With the loss of those two musical entities the connective tissue that brought together fans of music as disparate as country, heavy metal, rap and punk is now no longer. Which gave me pause to reflect on the state of my first love in life – rock music.

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