DISINFO COMICKS #13! – Just like Hillary!

Hello true disbeliever!

I’ll make it short and sweet. I worked on a few Bud comics last week and there’s one that I really like that I will post soon. But for now I’ll post a recent one  and a few old ones. Really old ones.

Besides drawing those comics, I’m working on other comic book related project and I’m trying to find way to make a living with my illustration since right now I don’t have a full time job. So I was thinking about making a t-shirt to sell to anyone who would like to support me. I’m open to suggestions, so type away in the comments or send me an email. And if DISINFO would like t-shirt design, I got time right now! wink wink.

But enough about me, here’s a few comics.


ctavecdescenneskonfaitdespiasses cloaking device FUCKFUCKFUCK bigbrother is following you



They call me Nadim and I live in Montreal, Qc.
I'm a level 15 customer service representative
and a level 6 comic book artist.

I draw comics and listen to rock'n'roll.

You can observe most of my work at www.96eyes.com