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Fletch Fletch

Words for Thad’s SEO standards. Must type words for internet. Not wanting to over abstract the art that is already overly abstracted. This is already meta meta. Is this enough meta description yet? No it is not, still typing. This feels like selling out. I hate words for words sake, they are destroying the world. What if everyone were silent for 10 minutes? At this point “the text contains 68 words. This is far too low and should be increased.” I wanted to be an artist and share the art that communicated the incommunicable, but now I must meet metadescription standards in order to share youtube link to blog site. Oh the irony. This is self defeating. Oh well it’s all good. Is this funny? Not really. Ok guess I’ll share details of the song. Fletch recorded it before he went to prison. Don’t ask questions. I composed a new piece of music behind it. It’s straight fire. Fletch is now free. Will release full album soon. Hyper metacounterculture-selfappropriatingsuper-rappers to the rescue. Time for shameless plug to other in site content, hoping it does not come off as a sale and instead as a genuine share of my trolling of the fractal universe I am trapped in. Get money. Links Eye Got It & MK Ultra. Don’t be a hater. Smoke somethin’. Thad please have sense of humor and approve this post. This took 10 minutes of my life. Illuminati shilling, life ain’t thrilling, keep top billing, feel free to delete this paragraph and just post the video, or nah. type type type and done.

Hail Thad.



Editors note:

There are SEO post standard metrics or whatever at the bottom of where you submit stuff on Disinfo that were set up by the old editor. I have never cared about them or even noticed them really as they’re off the screen most of the time, but a writer recently e-mailed me asking, so I updated the message I send to new contributors letting them know to ignore them. This obviously happened before I set up Obelo with an account (did I set him up with an account?). So here he’s railing against a WordPress feature I wasn’t even aware until just recently nor cared about in any way. I only mention that because it’s sort of funny. Also, I approve of this track.

– Thad

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