Interview With Mark Marek, Owner of

Mark Marek is the Owner of a website that offers uncensored videos of what are often very violent acts. His site posted a video call 1 Lunatic 1 Ice Pick which features a murderer called Luke Magnotta mutilating the corpse of student Lin Jun. Because of posting the video Marek was convicted of obscenity charges. He was given a 6 month conditional sentence.

This interview was originally published in the book Subversive: Interviews with Radicals

How did get started, did you always have an interest in this kind of thing, or did you just see a market for it?

It was a risky undertaking, and I was being discouraged because 1 – this isn’t the niche that gets top popularity rankings, and 2 – when I launched the site (early 2008), the niche was dominated by well established websites with a firm hold on this corner of the internet. Still, I entered the seemingly oversaturated market with the goal to deliver what I was missing from other players – background information and descriptive titles.

It came at a cost, as a lot of my time went on doing research and compiling available information about the content, and I was putting all this time and effort never knowing if anyone will even read my articles. I also made a commitment to myself to never deceive readers, so I always titled my posts descriptively, ensuring a reader knows exactly what they’re going to see if they click through. I have never click baited anyone with over-exaggerated titles, but also never downplayed the severity of the content within. Turns out, people appreciate this no BS approach, and even though I was a newcomer, readers kept coming back for more and from there it was just up and up.

As for whether I had an interest in this kind of thing, or whether I saw a market for it – I can’t say I saw a market. It never even occurred to me there could be a substantial one. I thought people would naturally feel adverse to this type of content due to conditioning by the mainstream press, movie industry, education system, etc, and only a few internet badasses would actually care. But I definitely had interest in making available to the masses content that was being so nonchalantly censored by other media outlets.

The content published on Best Gore is nothing more and nothing less than a reflection of what really goes on in the world. Pretending that it doesn’t go on by not reporting on it, will not mean that all that foulness does not take place. I’ve always been a strong proponent of freedom of the internet and the free flow of content and ideas on the information superhighway. The other part of the right to freedom of expression is the right to access to information. And so I established Best Gore so the information that is routinely censored by the mainstream press, is available to those who are interested. It is not forced on anyone, so all those who prefer to live with rose colors shades on can just ignore the site. But those who do want to see reality, ought to have access to content that exposes it. Afterall, real life is uncensored.

A lot of people think of this type of thing as a fairly small subculture, but personally I imagine it to be something a lot of people check out, how popular is the site?

I used to have Google Analytics on the website, but as part of my commitment to members’ privacy, I removed the script in 2012. I didn’t feel I could trust Google with information about the readers of Best Gore, and as Edward Snowden’s leaks proved a year later, I was right to distrust Google.

I have not collected any user analytics since, and therefore I don’t have an idea just how popular the site is, but broadly speaking, there are millions of people reading the website every year.

Until recently, I also used a script that tracked keywords people who landed on the website from a search engine searched for. No identifiable information was collected, just what search term the person searched for when they were referred to the site by a search engine. This exposed just how deprived and sick people who are not Best Gore regulars are. Best Gore regulars access the site directly, either by typing the URL into their browser, or by clicking on the bookmark. They don’t end up on the site by loading up Google and searching for “8 year old pussy destroyed”. That’s what white knights and social justice warriors do. When they think no one is watching, they search for perverted stuff on the internet, but when they’re done, they won’t shut their yaps badmouthing Best Gore, because that’s the way to ensure no one suspects them of searching for 8 year old destroyed pussies on the internet.

What are the types of things on your site that people tend to be most into?

Content that sparks big discussions and controversy varies. Mexican narco executions, torture and beheadings are traditionally popular because of exceptionally brutal mistreatment of victims, lately there have been several ISIS videos that often matched the brutality, but are also provided in high definition, and generally anything that makes people say: “I thought I’ve seen it all” – like Luka Magnotta’s 1 Lunatic 1 Ice Pick.

A lot of people think that if something is brutal, sadistic or violent, it should not be seen, like by not looking or not knowing it happened it will just go away, what do you think about that school of thought?

These people are not only dangerous on countless levels, but based on our own metrics, they are the ones behind the most vile acts. Afterall, virtually every serial killer was a person of whom everybody who knew them thought they were an upstanding citizen, often holding respectable jobs, engaging in community programs, nice to kids, etc. This is why everyone is so surprised when truth about them comes to light, and they’re caught saying – I would never in a million years think he/she could possibly do that.

One needs to be very suspicious of anyone who wants to prevent others from seeing what goes on in the world. Such people often have an agenda, or have something to hide. Best Gore is in the business of exposing miscreants for who they really are, so only people who fear that we’ll soon blow their cover and expose them for the miscreants that they are too, would have an interest in shutting Best Gore down. Or they badmouth the site in hopes that it will make them look prude and incapable to bad things, so nobody suspects that when they turn the lights off, they get on the internet to search for kiddy porn.

People die all the time in truly horrible ways at the hands of our respective governments, it seems like that is okay, but watching video of it is not. This is not supposed to be a leading question, but does that make sense to you?

It’s ironic that a government would sponsor terrorists, so they could massacre whole towns with weapons and money provided, but would imprison bloggers who expose it. In other words, committing atrocities is OK by our governments, but exposing these same atrocities is a criminal offense. I should know, I’ve been in prison or on conditional sentences since 2013 for informing the people on the realities of the world. Canadian government will not tolerate the idea of informed citizenry, so myself, as well as dozens of other bloggers, have faced politically motivated prosecution with the goal to silence the dissenting voices.

After being held in maximum security prison (publishing articles on a blog apparently makes me so dangerous, the threat I posed was far too great to jail me with general population) three times, I was placed under house arrest which I concluded last month, and am currently serving the reminder of my conditional sentence.

I was also under full prior restraint for 16 months, and although I’m no longer bound by prior restraint, I’m on a self imposed self-censorship due to still being physically held in Canada, where having an opinion that contradicts the majority is punishable by prison. But that’s just Canada. No other webmaster who published the same content I am being prosecuted for, was prosecuted by their respective country. Canada is the only country in the world with zero tolerance for freedom of expression that does not align with the government’s official narrative.


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