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When I was a child, shortly after turning six years old, I had a profound and strange experience that influenced my life in a multitude of ways. I am unclear in certain details because it happened at such a young age, however, I am almost certain that I experienced an encounter with another dimension or something akin to another reality. Being aware that this does sound rather far fetched, I can assure you that I have explored alternative scenarios and theories as to exactly what occurred and exhausted all rational avenues before finally deciding that it was more than just a hallucination. I arrived at this conclusion for a number reasons, not the least of which was that I also experienced vivid precognitive dreams for several weeks following this experience. I won’t go into details about this incident because it isn’t my intention to focus on that particular life changing happening here, but rather a life long obsession that the event instilled in me to re-capture and understand this phenomenon and it’s connection to the dreams that followed it.

My childhood memories, like most of us, do contain some gaps, as does most of the population at large to varying degrees. Some of this has to do with normal memory function, (or a lack thereof) that we all encounter during our early formative years. Generally, most of us do not remember things before three years of age because our brains are still building associative connections and our memories are better accessed when there is emotion infused with it. Sophisticated memories concerning language and facial recognition do develop before three or four, however, it is difficult for us to process these fully and permanently without the context that develops later. As we age, it is normal for our brains to fill in gaps that contain incomplete narratives and we seem to have an innate need to make sense of the world that our brain conveniently fills in with invented detail. These are not necessarily lies, just expectations designed around our current knowledge at the time and a desire to have our memories follow more understandable paths. Surprisingly, however, this cognitive gap filling doesn’t kick in until later childhood, which would probably mean that my memory of the event precludes this phase of development. This does not imply certitude but it does give me pause when attempting to explain rationally what I saw and felt during that bizarre event.

This life long pursuit for an explanation has led me down some unique and interesting rabbit holes and introduced me to some skills and ideas that I would have never found otherwise. One of my current interests and projects is building devices to amplify and direct consciousness. With the invaluable and irreplaceable assistance of my fiancee, we have gathered some intriguing data and made some remarkable observations in this region of study and I would like to share some of these observations along with the fully understood caveat that all of this is derived from our own observation and experience and subject to any new data we receive.

One of the issues that many have with the practicality of extrasensory perception or any of the related fields is the problem of reproducible results and the ability to reliably discern and forecast ideas and intentions. This is understandable because in many areas of scientific study, reliable and accurate experiments are needed to conclusively validate a hypothesis. Some results and conditions, however, have proven to be more elusive, transitory and ephemeral than others. I will give an example that I feel relates fairly closely to the subject of psychic perception and related manifestations. When I was about twelve years old I had a serendipitous exchange that changed my life in a very positive way. One of our neighbors had moved and apparently left no forwarding address and our mailman at the time offered to give me the ex neighbor’s final few months subscription to an amateur radio magazine. At the time I only had a vague idea of what ham radio was but I had a curious nature and was also a bit of a nerd, so I accepted the magazines and devoured them each month. This sparked an interest in all things electronic and soon I had a radio of my own that filled my room with old glowing tubes and strange sounds from around the globe.

As I learned about radio, I found that there were all sorts of uncertainties involved, particularly at the lower frequencies. Firstly, the radio had to operate effectively, all parts needed to be correctly aligned and working at peak efficiency. Secondly I found that where my transmitter and receiver was located was important. Whether I happened to live in a valley or on mountain top could possibly make quite a difference in reception. Next I found that the antenna was an integral part of the operation, it had to be matched or tuned to whatever frequency you were on. Lower frequencies used longer waves and therefore the antenna needed to be longer and so on. Finally I discovered that even if everything was perfect with my radio, location and antenna, there was still times when I could hear and talk with people far away very easily and times when it was impossible. Space weather, more specifically, solar weather, played an important role in communication. Radio waves are dependent on magnetic fields as they travel through the atmosphere and the sun plays an incredible role in how they work. Solar flares, giant magnetic eruptions from the surface of the sun, cause disruptions to our atmosphere and determine conditions for radio communication. In 1859, a giant solar flare known as a giant coronal mass ejection hit the earth and flooded the atmosphere with a charge so powerful that the northern lights could be seen in Rome and Hawaii. It also damaged telegraph equipment so much that some continued working even after being unplugged from the batteries. The earth had lost it’s grounding and was spontaneously discharging. If such an event were to happen today, it would cause unimaginable damage to our society.

As you can see, it is indeed possible to communicate on a shortwave radio, but only if certain conditions are favorable. I believe that psychic phenomenon works much the same way and is subject to many of the same conditions. Like the hardware of a radio, our first psychic conversation obstacle to overcome is making sure that our “radio” is functioning properly. This means that a proper diet, restful sleep and a positive, healthy outlook and environment are required for us to effectively “tune in” or “transmit.” Just as a radio signal can be drowned out by static, our brains can lose signal due to anxieties and distractions. Try to meditate with a blaring TV or people yelling nearby and you will see what I mean. These things diminish the signal and override our receivers. Location is also a consideration when using our mental discernment, since we can be overwhelmed by sensory input from our environment visually as well as olfactory and tactile stimulus. Time of day can also effect our intuitive nature. When we sleep other areas of our brain become active and we operate on different frequencies and this is where magnetic fields and interference patterns enter our premonitory picture. In addition to the various radio signals flying around from space and the solar weather from the sun, our earth emits frequencies of it’s own due to the fact that it is spinning and has a core filled with various metals, thus acting like a giant magnet of sorts. These are called the Schumann resonances and they are extremely low frequency parts of the earth’s geomagnetic spectrum and are often excited by lightning discharges in the ionosphere. The range varies but it’s fundamental frequency is 7.83 hertz and this is an important number.

In our waking state, our brain waves are in the Gamma range, usually about 30 hertz. As we relax, meditate or begin to drift off to sleep, however, our frequencies drift downward to the theta state which is around 4 to 8 hertz. Below this level is the low frequency dream states, but let us leave those aside and concern ourselves with the theta range and look at where the Schumann resonance fundamental coincides with our own brain. Could this be accidental that these frequencies line up when we meditate or be the cause of astral projection and lucid dream states? Is it possible that our evolution in a cognitive sense was informed and guided toward this frequency range? Is it not possible that this is where we find the collective unconscious, the repository of archetypes that Jung spoke of, or that the closer we get to this frequency the easier it is for us to tune ourselves to this extrasensory cerebral WIFI? Our experiments along this path have yielded some thought provoking speculation and I feel that we have only begun to penetrate these hidden secrets of our own telepathic radios. If you want to know more or discuss this further, feel free to contact me anytime at 7.83 hertz.

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