Tommie Kelly and the Four Devils

Tommie Kelly is a chaos magician, fortean blogger, artist and author. His Chaos Magic system and Oracle Deck The Forty Servants, has taken the modern Chaos Magic community by storm and has spread across the globe. His work has been translated into multiple languages and thousands of people work with his collection of servitors in various countries throughout the world.

Below you will find and interview with Tommie discussing his new mini-collection of servitors, The Four Devils.

Q: Who are the four devils?

A: The Four Devils are Jerdehl, Harvem, Vharmon and Kranvoc. They are Servitors, which are basically “engineered thought-forms” or “ideas” that can be utilized to help to get something, In this case the servitors are for Wealth, Health, Wisdom and Happiness.

Q: What inspired the creation of these particular servitors?

A: Well, the day I did them was the day I left being Admin of CMG, which I had done for about two years. So, I wanted to take that energy of leaving and put it into something new. I liked the idea of the whole “Health, Wealth and Happiness” thing but felt I should add “Wisdom” to balance it out.

Q: How has the Forty Servants community reacted to these new servitors?

A: People seem to really like them. As usual I was shocked by how positively people reacted to them. The day I launched them I did really feel like I won facebook – there was so many shares and likes and comments and whatnot.

Q: Why the name “The Four Devils”?

A: No reason other than I liked the sound of it. It just seemed right.

Q: Are these servitors meant to augment the Forty Servants or are they meant to be their own “mini-system”?

A: They’re totally separate and like you say should be considered their own mini-system. Obviously there are similarities but they aren’t connected.

Q: When did you create the four devils?

A: I’d have to check the date but I think it was a Tuesday. Like I said above, it was the day I left being Admin of CMG, so a couple of months ago I guess.

Q: How have these new servitors effected your personal magical practice?

A: Not much difference at all. They just slotted very nicely into all I was doing, but they were designed that way.

Q: Is there any connection between the four devils and the upcoming forty shadows?

A: No, not at all, and the whole premise and nature of “The Forty Shadows” has changed too. It’s no longer a deck, it’s more a gate-walking system. It starts on January 1st on my Patreon if people are interested. Check out

Q: Will these servitors be part of any physical decks in the future?

A: No, not at all. They’re all just free to use and the artwork is available as a free download for anyone who wants to print out the images. All the info is here:

Q: Do you have a favorite servitor out of the four devils?

A: I don’t. They’re all equal to me.

For more information about the four devils, the forty servants and Tommie’s new project, see the links below.

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