The 4th Dimension Making Headlines

I’ve been saying this for years now, but now science is proving it to be true! 4-d physics are beyond our comprehension, and something from a higher dimension like 4-d would only leave a 3-d “shadow” that would be visible to us in this dimension. Check out this intriguing article on RT about how separate teams of scientists have repeated the same experiment, which has given them a glimpse into “the 4th dimension”…

Two separate teams of scientists have bent the rules of physics to catch a glimpse of evidence on something which, technically, we shouldn’t be able to perceive: a fourth spatial dimension.

Everyone is aware of our standard three dimensions of space and one dimension of time, but the two teams, one based in the US and the other in Europe, have shown the existence of a fourth spatial dimension by employing some head-melting quantum mechanics and a bit of laser trickery.

The teams created two custom-designed, two-dimensional experiments to generate an instance of the quantum Hall effect, which restricts the movement of electrons, allowing us to both perceive and measure them in a unique way. The quantum hall effect points to the existence of a fourth spatial dimension. Researchers who studied the effect won the 2016 Nobel Prize for Physics. The quantum Hall effect usually manifests itself in the boundary between two materials, where electrons can only move in two dimensions.

When a magnetic field is produced perpendicular to the 2D plane it greatly changes the behavior of electrons which flow through it, which can further be manipulated by reducing the temperature and increasing the voltage within the environment. The larger the field and the greater the voltage, the more of a role quantum mechanics plays…

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Franklin Russell

Franklin Russell

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