Floating and Hacking the Self

That floating feeling.

Floating has buoyed it’s way to the forefront of national consciousness in recent years, offering a unique way to seek refuge, strength and resilience. The potential psychological, emotional and spiritual benefits offered through a floating practice can act as a potent counterbalance to the pain, and suffering of daily life and being human. A stark contrast comes into focus with the budding popularity of floating when placed upon the backdrop of America’s zeitgeist. A robust irony emanates from seeking inner peace and a society who elects a narcissist as its leader and turns a blind eye to mass shootings. Perhaps floating has increased in popularity in direct response to these events and others. Man’s quest for altered states of consciousness may predate the world’s oldest profession, but man seeking a remedy to pain may also.

As we endeavor to explore new frontiers, like space, technology and the deepest reaches of our oceans, our own psyches provide a fertile and eternal sea of discovery. The coincidence between the rapid progress of technology and a growing desire to implement low tech ways to hack the self, begs the question, what is consciousness? Mankind has been vetting this topic since time immemorial. We’re probably no closer now to answering the question, than we were millennia ago. However, in our quest to find answers, we’re reconnecting with new technologies, like floating, and old technologies, like plant medicines, to aid and abet our search.

The following podcast courtesy of Hacking the Self, provides a rich and informative discussion, delving into consciousness and the tools, like floating and plant medicines, that help us explore it. The episode features Kevin Johnson, founder of Zero Gravity Institute and prominent floating evangelist.


On the podcast this week Kevin Johnson, owner of Zero Gravity Institute in Austin, Texas. With over thirty years and thousands of hours in the floatation tank, Kevin is considered a pioneer of float tank technology and offers an unprecedented amount of experience and knowledge about the world of floatation tanks, altered states of consciousness and the exploration of non-ordinary realities. Kevin is an active public speaker who regularly presents on a variety of topics including floatation tanks, consciousness exploration, psychedelics, plant medicine, and modern shamanism.

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