The Aziz Ansari Scandal Might as Well Be An Alt Right Hit Job

It should be obvious to anyone by now that any progressive movement that gains any sort of popularity will be intentionally turned against whatever cause it was meant to further. Like say when a countercultural website is secretly used by conservative creeps to run a voter suppression campaign against progressive leftists. Yeah, that happened on this website and it’s why I’m constantly pointing out to people that the “both parties are just as bad” argument is not only factually inaccurate, but again, a part of a deliberate voter suppression campaign partially perpetuated by the Russian government. One that was continually run…through this fucking website.

Who benefits from progressives loudly insisting that both parties are just as bad? Well let’s see, the Republican party is now more powerful than ever, a mere 9 years after propping up the most spectacular failure of a political regime in American history. They did this by intentionally ramping up racism AND dividing the left with “both parties are just as bad, doesn’t matter who you vote for man” countercultural ridiculousness. Oh hey, the alt right’s into the Occult too, wonder how that happened?

Because we scrapped our propaganda laws decades back, we need to be more aware of this sort of thing and lord, when I walked into my Monday morning social media feed (you gotta love working on MLK day) and saw the entire Aziz Ansari “scandal” I was like, fuck. I knew this was coming. I am an ardent supporter of women’s rights and feminism to the point that I’ve been talking about how our world is unbalanced with toxic masculine energy that needs to be turned the other way ever since I’ve been writing here. My first now out of print book is a spell I cast on myself to put me more in touch with my feminine side.

Hell, I even think women are psychically superior to men on average in the same way men are physically stronger in most cases (an idea that’s existed in the Occult forever). What’s funny is that in writing about that years ago, I realized I couldn’t touch these issues. The idea that women are potentially better at something pissed a lot of women off. Zero men seemed to have any problem with it. I, errr, okay, there are plenty of other things I can write about. I suppose you’re more comfortable with the idea that gender inequality exists because men are mentally superior, not because they have controlled women with violence for centuries and continue to, to this day. Got it.

I’m only touching the Ansari thing to point out that this shit not only can, but will be turned against you, just like having the gall to run a black guy for president was (biggest mistake the Democrats ever made as it turned out). So you need to be ready for that. Are you ready for that? I’m the one continually mocking conspiracy theories but with this scandal I was like, is this girl an alt right conservative weirdo? Are the people who published this doing so to undermine the #metoo movement, just like was used to undermine the Democratic socialist movement? It’s probably just revenge and a greedy hunger for clicks at this point, but it won’t be the next time.

If you haven’t read about the “controversy” (which you can do here), let me explain it to you. Aziz met a girl at a party and thought she was a groupie. She met Aziz at a party and hoped he wanted a relationship. He wanted a groupie, she wanted a relationship. This misunderstanding lead to an incredibly awkward sexual encounter that amounts to abuse in zero way. But the dude’s being publicly crucified for it, for some reason. This is where I point out that you might as well be asking for #metoo to be politicized against you, because here even I’m like, wow!

Just a few thoughts. When I was younger I had a woman completely take advantage of me in a drunken state. I’d met her before on multiple occasions and knew she was into me sexually because she made that obvious. I absolutely wasn’t into her like that and made this clear. Fast forward a few months and I find myself at her downstairs neighbor’s party irresponsibly chugging whiskey. I have vague memories of a sexual encounter with someone in the midst of a near black out, but the next thing I truly recall is waking up naked in her bed cursing myself internally. What the fuck did I do?

This got even more awkward because as mentioned, she was into me. She apparently gave me her number and I never called, which her downstairs neighbor (who was my friend) pointed out to me repeatedly over the next month. I had really hurt her feelings by sleeping with her and leading her to believe she had a shot at a relationship with me. So I then had to go out of my way to explain to my friend that I was currently involved with another woman and shouldn’t have slept with her in the first place. It was partially true, but still a lie. I wasn’t into the woman physically and felt bad that I’d apparently drunkenly lead her to believe that I was, yet I at no point blamed this woman for taking advantage of me in my drunken state (there’s no way how drunk I was wasn’t completely obvious to her, and yes, she initiated the encounter despite that). Shit was and is, in my mind, 100% my fault. 100%. I drank too much and did something stupid. The blame is on me just like if I would have wrecked my fucking car. The fact that I accidentally hurt her feelings was the worst mistake I made there in my mind. I felt terrible about it.

The last time I was single (jeez, like 12 year ago now) I had a one night stand with a woman who I was really into. I’d been single for a while and she was the best prospect I’d had in months. I was always skeptical of the potential there because she was taller than me, and that’s a deal breaker for a lot of women. Sure enough, I tried calling a few times after the passionate night we spent together (where we had sex like 5 times) and never got a response, which is sort of what I was expecting as disappointing as it was.

Then out of nowhere, roughly 4 months later she calls me and wants to hang out, so we go out to dinner and a have a few drinks. After little more than an hour she informs me that she wants to go back to my place, which wasn’t what I was expecting at all. We get there and proceed to have really awkward sex, that she didn’t seem to be remotely into. Again, this is sex that she wanted and vocally initiated, but holy crap did it not really seem like sex she wanted or initiated. I was so confused. The exact second the sex was over she put on her clothes and immediately left. I gotta admit, this is the first and last time this has ever happened to me. I didn’t even bother calling her again because the whole thing was so weird. I still don’t entirely understand it, but if I were to guess, I’d wager that it was revenge cheating that she only engaged in to piss off another dude and I was a mere puppet in this creepy scheme of hers.

Truth? I could keep going (not even talking about the multiple women I’ve dated who’ve pressured me into doing rape fantasy stuff that I begrudgingly agreed to and then regretted) and I’m not much of a player by any stretch of the imagination. The point I’m trying to make, is that these were consensual sexual acts. Awkward consensual sexual acts, but nonetheless, consensual. The idea of publicly shaming these women as terrible people for this behavior strikes me as completely insane, and yet, that’s what we’re now doing to Aziz Ansari. Everyone has stories like this and no, it’s not always the man who’s the creep. You need to be ready for that. I just told a few of my weird stories, and that’s only a few. God, remember the woman who informed me that she lived with the convicted murderer father of her child AFTER we’d finished?

Do you see the point I’m making? The point is, if you support the #metoo movement, you need to be aware of the fact that sexual assault/predation is a serious topic, and one you’re cheapening by lumping it in with awkward sexual encounters and misunderstandings, particularly with fucking celebrities. Seriously, I didn’t think I had much of a shot at a relationship with a girl who had sex with me 5 times in one night, primarily because she was slightly taller than me. I was right. Why on earth did this woman for some reason think a celebrity more than ten years her senior wanted anything other than sex from her exactly?

The hubris/naivete there is sort of undeniable, you gotta admit. Granted, he absolutely should have been more up front about the sitch, read the signals better, etc. and that’s on him, but still. If he wanted a groupie, he’d have exactly zero problem finding one. Do you want gold digger shaming stories where men bitch about how women only fucked them for money? That could be a whole new alt right movement if we keep pulling this sort of bullshit. Do you want more creepy articles like this written by men? Nobody does, but that’s the road we’re on and why I wrote it. This shit will absolutely be turned against you and we need to get smarter about that eventuality. It’s not a matter of if it will happen, it’s when. Pick your battles people, pick your fucking battles.





Before you get all, but he was supposedly one of the good guys, do you watch his fucking show?


Season 1 ends with him breaking up with the woman who seems to be his soul mate, for exactly no reason. Season 2 involves him struggling with the idea of breaking up someone else’s long term relationship, then deciding to do it, then not being able to seal the deal. The big reveal at the end is that he could have broken up this woman’s relationship with her fiance if he would have just tried to fuck her at the right time. He had a brief window, he missed it. No, really. That’s what his show is about. I’m sure he called it Master of None because he himself is more than aware of his own level of emotional retardation. Also, if more women come out accusing this guy of shittier stuff, I will fully retract my position here.

Thad McKraken

Thad McKraken

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