Let’s Face It, You Hate The Last Jedi Because You Hate Women

I know I’m a bit late to this party as I just saw The Last Jedi over the weekend but I must say, I’m even more confused now that I’ve seen it. I did a fairly amazing job of avoiding spoilers (god that was hard), but I knew a ton of people hated it for some reason which piqued my curiosity even further. Then I walked out of the theater going: “What…the…fuck?” Loved it. Absolutely loved it. My only minor complaint is that they’re jamming way too many action sequences into movies these days, but I could say that about pretty much every blockbuster film outside of Bladerunner 2049 I’ve seen in the last several years. It’s getting kind of pissing contest-y on that front I must say.

You’ve got to keep in mind here that Star Wars was dead to me after the prequels. I saw each of them out of a feeling of obligation exactly once and tried to block them out of my mind as best I could after that. When The Force Awakens came out I didn’t even give a shit. Saw it like 2 months after it dropped only because people I knew kept raving about it. Holy fuck have they roped me back in. Re-watched the entire original trilogy which I hadn’t done in over a decade and maybe never would have again if not for Awakens. Star Wars was one of my favorite things in the universe as a kid.

Loved Rogue One too, but The Last Jedi might be my favorite of the 3. The next day I just had to look at 0 star reviews on Metacritic because I was in fact legitimately confused. Lots of people openly admitting their misogyny, lots outwardly denying it but finding weird nitpick-y supposedly logical complaints in regards to a movie about goddamn space wizards. Anyway, I’m not implying in any way that everyone who vehemently hates this movie (the vehement level of the hate is what I find so utterly telling) is a garbage person, but I have a hard time arguing with most of what this lady had to say about the phenomenon. (From Bitter Gertrude):

NOTE: Many spoilers.

My feed (and yours, I presume) has been filling with people, mostly men, denouncing The Last Jedi for all sorts of reasons. Here are a few I compiled out of my own feed over the past week:

It’s too draggy and long
It’s too fast-paced
It is magically both draggy and fast-paced
It’s too much about one family
It’s not about family
The plot is terrible
The plot is fine but the acting is terrible
The plot and acting are fine, but the pacing is terrible
The plot, acting, and pacing are fine but the characterizations are terrible
It needed more humor
It needed less humor
It needed a different kind of humor
Not enough character development
Too much character development
The stakes were too low
The stakes were too high
It’s too much like the original trilogy
It’s not enough like the original trilogy


Usually, when a film is genuinely bad, we’re all in agreement about at least a few areas of obvious badness. There’s not much controversy about the general awfulness of Jar Jar, Hayden Christiansen’s acting, or the wooden love scene dialogue of the prequels. Sure, there’s the occasional outlier insisting they love Jar Jar, but on the main, these are obvious, agreed-upon flaws. Yet there’s no agreement about The Last Jedi. Instead, I’ve seen dozens of contradictory opinions, and at least half of them are stated like this:

“I’m fine with female-driven films, but I just hate this particular one for reasons.”

(Read the rest over at Bitter Gertrude)

Thad McKraken

Thad McKraken

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