Meet your Cosmic Masters With the Aetherius Society

Meet Your Cosmic Masters

Reverend Oscar Leon is one of the leaders of The Aetherius Society, an international spiritual organization dedicated to spreading, and acting upon, the teachings of advanced extraterrestrial intelligences. This interview is from Subversive: Interviews With Radicals.

Can you tell me a bit of how the Aetherius society got started?

The Aetherius Society essentially started with George King, who we refer to as Dr. George King or His Eminence Sir George King (he received various awarded Doctorates, and was a Consecrated Archbishop). Born into a family of psychics and mediums, he developed these latent abilities within himself from an early age and studied the supernatural and occult phenomena for many years. After serving in the Fire Brigade in WWII he sought out greater truths and deeper meaning and so turned his attention to the science of yoga. After almost a decade of training his mind, body and subtle senses in this science, for up to 10 hours per day, he became a Master of Yoga and was able to enter into some of the highest states of consciousness known to man. With his mediumistic and yogic abilities, he started a Healing Circle whose focus was to bring forth information from the higher mental realms of Earth in order to give greater healing to those around them.

However, soon after in 1954 he received a telepathic communication, which stated, “Prepare yourself. You are to become the voice on Interplanetary Parliament”. The being who communicated to Dr. King was a Master from Venus known under the pseudonym of “Aetherius”. This initiated a series a Cosmic Transmissions from various Cosmic Masters, who were interplanetary and extra-terrestrial in origin, which lasted several decades. The Transmissions were delivered through Dr. King while he was in a state of deep meditative trance.

The Aetherius Society was initially founded by Dr. King in order to record and disseminate throughout the world these Cosmic Transmissions, which were of vital importance to the world.  The messages varied in nature, but two of the main topics were 1) the dangers of nuclear experimentation and the strong advice against its use, and 2) that we should turn back to the spiritual teachings of the great Cosmic Masters who have come to our world in the past, Masters such as Jesus, Buddha, Krishna, Lao Tze, and others. The Cosmic Masters imparted great, universal spiritual teaching, though did so in a manner that could be easily understood.

The Aetherius Society soon went on to take another role, and that was in the active cooperation with these communicating Cosmic Masters in various energy manipulations for global peace and enlightenment. These are known as Cosmic Missions and most of them are still continued to this day. The primary aim of the Cosmic Missions is to radiate higher vibratory energies to the world as a whole in order to bring about world healing and enlightenment, greater balance in our ecosystem, and improve the karma of the human race.

 How have things gone since the passing of your founder George King? I have read he was the only person in the society that could receive mental transmissions from aliens?

Yes, it is true that George King was the only one in the Society that could receive the telepathic and channeled Transmissions from the Cosmic Masters (who were extra-terrestrial in nature). Before his passing he set up the administration and organization of The Aetherius Society so that it would be able to fully function long into the future after his passing. This included pre-arranged dates and times for active cooperation with the Cosmic Masters in various world-healing missions. It has been almost 20 years since his passing and The Aetherius Society is continuing strong with the performance of the Cosmic Missions that Dr. King left in its care and custody. The Society has also been continuing and increasing the dissemination of the Teachings of the Cosmic Masters, as well as those given by Dr. King himself. We have added new official centers throughout the world, and our worldwide Membership has increased since Dr. King passed on in 1997.

Could you tell me a bit about the spiritual energy crisis?

There are many energy shortages and crises around the world today. However, those are the physical outer manifestations, or symptoms, of a deeper energy crisis – the cause of all the outer crises. It is the Spiritual energy crisis. It’s not that there is a lack of Spiritual energy available to us – in fact, our supplies are limitless – the crisis is that we do not use the Spiritual energies enough. Once we put Spiritual energy back in its rightful place, using it through prayer, healing, service and various other spiritual means, all the other energy crises will naturally correct themselves. Until we use Spiritual energy correctly and solve the Spiritual energy crisis, no matter what inventions the human race comes up they will still run short of physical energy.

How many adherents do you have throughout the world, and is this something you are interested in spreading or are you happy with a core group?

We would estimate it to be in the low thousands. Our aim is to spread the Cosmic Teachings throughout the world and to continue to perform the Cosmic Missions to our fullest capacity, as laid out by Dr. King. We are certainly interested in receiving more help in achieving these aims, for the more help we get, the more we can do for the world. However, we do not proselytize or recruit Members to our organization. To join as a Member is a personal choice left to each person to decide.

What will happen when the next master from space arrives?

The implication of his coming is a time of major crisis for the world. Our understanding is that he will come openly for all people to observe. He will approach the world leaders and demonstrate to them his extra-terrestrial abilities. By his presence and demonstration he will not only give an indication of his awesome power and ability, but also of how humanity has to change. As such, it is regarded as a time of the “sorting of the wheat from the chaff” between those who are ready to live as we have been taught by previous Spiritual Masters and enter in a New Age upon this Earth, and those who reject this and continue to live selfishly.

Those who reject this greater Spiritual message will be reborn upon another world. Those who remain will help to create a much more enlightened planet of a higher vibration, as has been prophesied throughout the centuries.

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