All of America’s Major Mega Churches Hate Gay People

These people now control every branch of the federal government and will hold a stranglehold on the judiciary system for decades, but no big deal right? Hillary Clinton sucked so much there was exactly no reason to vote against this shit because you so woke. What this is saying is that none of the top 100 churches in the country flat out say that it’s totally cool with god to be gay. That my friend, is shit. Glad you didn’t care about these people getting way more political power. Again, no biggie I’m sure. (From Pink News):

“0% of the 100 largest churches in the US, as listed in Christian magazine Outreach Magazine, have explicit affirming LGBTQ+ policies.

Of the 100 churches, 35 have clear policies that reject LGBT people.

 A further 54 have unclear policies on LGBT issues, while 11 omit all mention of the issue from publicly-accessible records.

0 of the churches were found to be affirming.

Southern Baptist megachurches were the most likely to actively preach rejection of LGBT people, with 62% found to do so.

47% of Independent Christian Churches also rejected LGBT people.

Religion News Service columnist Jonathan Merritt noted: “While progressive Christians often claim that same-sex issues have largely been settled, America’s mega-churches have apparently not received the memo.

“None of them have policies affirming same-sex people and relationships.

“This staggering statistic will doubtlessly provide firepower to conservative Christians who claim that LGBTQ+ affirmation is a slippery slope to liberalism and a congregation killer.”

Read the rest over at Pink News.

Reminder: shamanism does not give a fuck about your sexual orientation.

Thad McKraken

Thad McKraken

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Thad McKraken