Ritual Generosity Magic – Or, How to Profit from Kindness

There is nothing mysterious about magic, and a little bit of discipline and sacrifice can go a long way.

Earlier this year I began two magical experiments, both of which produced great results.

The first of these was an insect repellent spell. It was based on two ideas.

My basic starting premise was that I decided I actually had no problem with being fed from if there were no negative effects to me. If I was walking through the woods, in their home, why shouldn’t I be fair game? The problem is not being fed from, it is that in order to numb you long enough to feed, an insect will inject you with histamines and/or other chemicals to do so. This transmission also causes them to infect you with diseases or whatever else is in their system. So the idea was to send a message just to take, and not give.

The second part of my insect repellent was simply to encode this message in a song, which is a technique that was also used by numerous pre-industrial societies. A little gift for the subjects of my spell. So I hummed up a little melody and wrote some lyrics for it.

Dear crawling and biting
Stingers and biters
May I walk among you
As a friend and not smiter
And if you must feed
I shall not at all mind
There’s plenty of me
But leave nothing behind
No itches or sickness
Just take what you will
And you have my word
I shall not maim or kill
May this melody
Please your hearts and your minds
For harmony is the
Will of the divine

The problem with that song is that it was a little too long and complicated, for me and the insects. So I wrote a far more concise jingle.

You can feed, feed, feed, feed. feed on me,
But please don’t leave anything I don’t need.

Armed with nothing but a few verses, I went out into the wild, where usually I am almost immediately covered in bug bites. Every so often I would sing that little song, and lo and behold, I was barely getting bitten, if at all.

I considered a physical explanation. Singing kept me calm. Have you ever noticed how much more you get bit as you get more frustrated and angry you get about it? That is because you are sending distress signals via the emission of chemicals and increase in blood pressure and heart rate. By emitting chemicals you cause the biters to transfer more while feeding to combat your unwillingness, and when you are going cardio you become tastier and easier to feed from.

However by the end of the summer not only was I rarely ever getting bites, or at least having reactions to them, I didn’t even need to sing the song anymore. I had created a solid belief through ritual in the ability of my will to control bug bites, and it worked. The reality I now expected became the reality I experienced.

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