Robert Anton Wilson’s Negation of All Beliefs Is An Irrational Position

“Belief is the death of intelligence. 
As soon as one believes a doctrine of any sort, or assumes 
certitude, one stops thinking about that aspect of existence.”
-Robert Anton Wilson

There is perhaps no belief as patently false as the belief that one’s self, along with their ideological peers, are singularly immune to believing. Without believing that the glowing pixels arranged in little symbols you are looking at right now have meaning, you would be unable to read this. Without believing that looking at little symbols that mean something to you is a worthwhile task, you would not be here. Without being in a culture that believes it can turn bits of resources into a complex tool which allows the transmission of little symbols we agree to believe are meaningful, you couldn’t possibly even be doing any of this right now.

Without belief there is nothing. The ability to believe is probably one of the single greatest strengths of human beings. Without it there could be no progress, no technology and no civilization itself. Only by believing in the ability to reach some new achievement can we accomplish it. Without belief, only the primitive awareness of mind can exist.

Without belief there is no free will. One must believe in not just their choices, but in their ability to chose, before they can begin to do so.

Without belief one can not even posit that belief exists, make judgments about it, or claim to be free of it. A proclamation of disbelief is self-refuting.

Belief itself is without any intrinsic qualities. The value of a specific belief arises from its ability to create desired outcomes. One cannot argue that a belief is incorrect simply because they disagree with the outcome it leads to, if it actually has the ability to lead to that outcome. At this point the issue of conflict is desired outcomes, not the beliefs that lead to them.

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