Science Is A Method of Ritual Magic

The strength in the scientific method lies not in its ability to discover, but to create.

Turn off that little voice in your head that, based on the title and introduction, tells you that I am a crazy and/or stupid person. Regardless of whether that is true, you are never going to get anywhere if you think you know everything before you try to learn it. So shut down that incessant arguer in your mind and take in what is before you on its own terms, without preconceptions and bad faith.

Modern science is an ideological extension of Protestantism. Through Protestantism came the idea that physical reality had a literal existence, and that by studying phenomena within it we could come to understand the principles by which God constructed and maintained his creation. By understanding those principles and choosing our actions according to them, we could thus be closer to God.

Another facet of Protestantism, the separation of church and state, decentralized the power of religion. Consequently more people began to question the validity of religion altogether, and since reason had come to be equivocated with science, science took on secular language to mask its origins.

God was replaced with ‘Nature’ – yet was in possession of exactly the same functions and ideological consequences. As time wore on this connection was lost and to modern people it seems absurd.

And yet you can still see the religious strain which runs deeply through the same old beliefs. If your faith in science is lacking you will be vilified as a science denier – a blasphemer!

Spend twenty minutes talking with a conservative and you will have heard a speech about natural law and admonished to immediately reject taxation and gun control because, uh, gravity. Seriously, I hear that gravity bit all of the time. If you do not take on the conservative natural law ideology then you will be hailed as a blasphemer – NATURE DENIER!

[note: I am not in favor of involuntary taxation or prohibition of any kind, but not necessarily for all of the same reasons that the typical conservative scripts imply.]

These laws of Nature serve the same functions as the laws of God – power and control. Recognize my truth and submit to it, you unworthy disgrace!

And so when the first modern scientists began to describe these universal laws, their work seemed holy. Newton’s gravity abstraction was taken as a piously transcendent realization of God’s algorithms. Therefore long before modern science was in the business of producing social and technological goods, it began by producing faith in science and scientists.

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