The Racist White Dorks Who Dig Asian Women

Well, I mean, I’ve already covered the freaks who dress up like goddamn sports mascots and then get all hate monger-y, so I shouldn’t say I’m surprised here. Let’s see, you go on and on about white racial purity and then sexually obsess over Asian women? Where do you think mixed race children come from exactly? I’d say I’m surprised but I always have to reiterate most homophobic Christian’s actual position on gay people which is as follows.

They hate gay men and unattractive lesbians. If attractive women want to get all gay, not only are they all for it, they want to beat off and watch. That’s their position. (from the Fake News Times):

“The white supremacists on the far right have “yellow fever” — an Asian woman fetish. It’s a confusing mix.

Andrew Anglin, the founder of the neo-Nazi website The Daily Stormer, once posted a video of himself with a Filipina he called “my jailbait girlfriend,” the young couple flirting as they sauntered through a megamall in the Philippines. Richard Spencer, a white nationalist, has dated a series of Asian-American women, according to one of his ex-girlfriends. (Mr. Spencer insists that it was before he embraced white nationalism.)

The right-wing agitator Mike Cernovich, the writer John Derbyshire and an alt-right figure named Kyle Chapman (so notorious for swinging a lead-filled stick at Trump opponents at a protest in Berkeley, Calif., that he is now a meme) are all married to women of Asian descent. As a commenter wrote on an alt-right forum, “exclusively” dating Asian women is practically a “white-nationalist rite of passage.”

In November 2016, a photo of Tila Tequila giving a Nazi salute went viral. Ms. Tequila is the Vietnamese-American star of the short-lived MTV reality show “A Shot at Love With Tila Tequila,” and she was saluting at a dinner the night before the conference of Richard Spencer’s white-supremacist think tank, the National Policy Institute. At the conference, Mr. Spencer had reminded attendees that America was a “white country designed for ourselves and our posterity.”

Maybe it makes sense that the alt-right is so confused: On a neo-Nazi news site, a user asked advice on whether he could be a white nationalist if he slept with East Asian women, and he received dozens of spirited responses from both sides. But the white-supremacist Asian fetish is no contradiction.”

(Read the rest over at the New York Times)

Thad McKraken

Thad McKraken

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Thad McKraken