Bad Conspiracy: The Parkland School Shooting and Russia Russia Russia

Rightwing, leftwing, chickenwing… we’re awash in conspiracy from ALL sides these days. And we’re drowning. You’d think that living in a conspiracy world, a golden age of theorizing if you will, would be awesome, as that would imply all things once hidden finally being revealed. And they are, but only up to a point. There now seems to be a level at which the sheer glut of information (good, bad, neutral) acts as a kind of cognitive barrier for those seeking the truth.

We’re seeing this level being reached now, as very few know who to trust, or what to believe anymore. So, we group with like-minded travelers to find solace and confirm our own biases.

There was a time when being a, “conspiracy theorist”, meant scouring through used book stores, attending little known need-to-know seminars or, god forbid, pounding the pavement to gather information. It took time, effort, and no small amount of dedication. In short, you had to be committed, crazy, or both. What you couldn’t be was lazy.

Now all we have to do is sit behind our computers and smart phones, peruse our social media feeds, and then share it with all of our so-called friends. Like, share, comment, downvote, etc. Rinse and repeat.

The speed at which information is being spread has overwhelmed our ability to keep up, and it’s affecting our focus. Some of this is by design, but most of it is our own doing. Yes, the powers-that-be helped create these Internet ghettos (Facebook, Twitter, etc.) for us to gather in, but we do most of the corralling ourselves once inside the echo-chambers. This is the death knell for conspiracy research in general and, for any serious conspiracy researcher, specifically.

Case in point: The recent right-wing (yes, right-wing) Parkland School Shooting conspiracies. In the immediate aftermath, there were the predictable calls of, “False Flag!”, and “Crisis Actors!”. It’s become cliche and, sadly, turning a lot of experienced researchers away from even looking it, as the evidence that WAS being spread could be debunked within minutes. Of course, that didn’t stop people from believing it and, of course, sharing it with all their friends.

Yes, there are always unanswered questions surrounding these events but, as we’ve stated before in our Debunking the Totally Idiotic Las Vegas Conspiracy Theories article & podcast, much of what comes out on social media in the initial wake of these events, is nonsense. That’s not to say there aren’t ANY unanswered questions and, as with the Vegas Massacre, I’m sure we’ll discover a number of anomalies as we go along which do merit investigation (i.e. why did law enforcement apparently do nothing?, why did the Secret Service visit the school for training?, etc.). But to jump on the first thing that comes out is… well, totally idiotic.

Pray you, avoid it.

At the same time, there’s been an ongoing left-wing (yes, left-wing) conspiracy that Russia somehow conspired with Trump to steal the election from Hillary. Without getting into the excruciating details (you can listen to our extensive podcast on this here), it’s a pretty safe bet, whether you hate Trump or not, that whatever the Russians tried to do (the reality’s hilarious, btw), it had very little impact on the outcome of that election.

I mention both of these conspiracies because, although on the surface they appear completely separate, there’s an underlying pathological current that connects both – a lack of critical thinking. We’re floating in a sea of information, more so than in any other time in history since the Gutenberg Press and yet, at the same time, barely treading water in media literacy skills.

In a time of conspiracy, one solution is for experienced researchers and, yes, Disinfonauts, to take the lead and engage the world again in teaching the younger generation how to fish. Just as a reminder, the original founder of this place, Richard Metzger, ironically and presciently named it Disinformation for a reason – not to spread it, but to combat it.

And I believe it’s original mission is needed again, now more than ever. No time like the present.

You can listen to our most recent Magical Mystery Radio podcast here: Parkland School Shooting Conspiracies, Russia Russia Russia, Black Panther

p.s. It’s important to question everything, especially official narratives. But, as we like to say, it’s equally important to, “keep and open mind, just don’t let your brain fall out.”

(Editors Note: Whereas I don’t think that Russia’s influence on the election was that substantial and has been massively overblown, I also think them being one of the primary funding sources for American progressive journalists over the last 5 years or so absolutely has a lot to do with the sorry state of American progressive journalism. Hell, we used to run that shit through this site and because of that I see its influence daily in my social media feed. This is like the 5th article now that’s been pitched or submitted to me about either how dangerous “Russiagate” is, or how it’s all nonsense. Has anything been pitched or submitted about how awful the Republican tax plan is? How about the recent massive increase in our military budget? How about repealing Net Neutrality? How about further deregulating Wall Street? No progressive writers have pitched or submitted anything to me about any of that stuff. They’d rather write about the dangers of “Russiagate”. See what I mean? That was the whole point to a hostile conservative nation funding American progressive journalism in the first place, and I’d say it’s been a tad more effective than anyone’s really acknowledging.)

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