Bigfoot & the Rainbow Body

Stories of a Bigfoot-like creature transcend cultures and continents over millennia; but is it pure myth, an actual animal or traces of transcended beings?

I have spent the past few decades fascinated by Fortean phenomena – the paranormal, supernatural and anomalistic. This is not because I am a believer in the literal existence of these phenomena, just as I am not a believer in the literal existence of any kind of phenomena. However these experiences do say much about the shifting sands of perception and offer glimpses into a reality beyond that ascribed by naive realists.

Bigfoot has never been one of my favorite topics in this area. In fact, among Forteans, I am a bit of an obscurantist. Cryptozoology, ufology and hauntings have not been interesting to me since I really dived into hardcore anomalies. However as a younger man I did find those subjects more fascinating and held a weak belief in them and spent time trying to find evidence of my own. My failure to do so is probably just as responsible for my Fortean obscurantism as my normal day-to-day contrarianism.

As a philosophical Idealist I tend to study all kinds of things that are experienced even though they allegedly are not supposed to be. Recently I started looking into a concept I had not read about in a few years called the Rainbow Body. It is a Buddhist concept which describes the abnormal exit from existence supposedly achieved by several advanced practitioners over the last few thousand years.

In the Dzogchen teachings of Tibetan Buddhism the Rainbow Body may occur in three ways, depending on the level of transcendence achieved. Here are descriptions of the three levels from the RigpaWiki:

Rainbow body — fully accomplished Dzogchen practitioners can dissolve their body at the time of death.

  1. Through the practice of trekchö, the practitioner can attain the so-called ‘rainbow body’, in which the body becomes smaller and smaller as it dissolves, emanating rainbow light, and finally only the hair and nails are left behind.
  2. Through the practice of tögal, the practitioner can dissolve his or her body into the ‘Light Body’, where the body transforms into light and disappears completely into space.
  3. Another accomplishment of tögal practice is the ‘Rainbow Body of Great Transference’, where the master dissolves his or her body into rainbow light and lives for centuries in order to benefit others. 

It is claimed that there have been hundreds – to hundreds of thousands – of examples of this phenomena throughout history, continuing into recent times where photographic evidence is alleged to support the occurrences.

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