The Confessions of 17th Century Quadriplegic Magician Matthias Buchinger

The following details were revealed to me in a trance by an entity claiming to be the Bardo-bound consciousness of Matthias Buchinger.

First I will give you a basic bio on Buchinger, whom I was also unfamiliar with until after having channeled a telepathic being claiming to be him.

He was born in Anspach, Germany in June of 1674 without fully formed limbs. His legs commenced shortly below the waist and his arm protrusions were described as fin-like and of various lengths. Despite this he was an exceedingly capable man, physically and intellectually, and overcame his handicaps through the accrual of many talents. In fact it was said that his talents would have been considered exceptional even if he did not attain them through such adversity.

As a musician he was skilled with several instruments, some of which he designed and adapted to his own abilities. He was a highly capable illusionist and conjurer, as well as a master of other tricks and cons, especially those which could net him a profit. When not performing or gambling he was an adept artist and calligrapher, as well as a noted writer. He performed for royalty on three occasions, was known far and wide as ‘The Wonderful Little Man of Nuremberg’, and had four wives and roughly a dozen children.

Not bad for a man of 17th century Germany, let alone a lifelong quadriplegic.

However this is not the whole story, according to the entity which contacted me claiming to be Buchinger. In fact the story I got was far more incredible, although the entity seemed to believe it had all been a fraud.

I will repeat the entities claims from it’s perspective, but from my own words.

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