Good King Crab: An Arctic Shaman’s Death Song


Here Being

a macabre transcription


Upon a disc o’ Purified TIN,

Wrapp’d in Seal’s hide

And seal’d in a chest o’ SILVER,

‘Merg’d out yon lately Permafrost

‘Mid Whale bones askew the Tide-


Author Unknown.


On Good King Crab O let me dine

Whence I to Death my Fate consign-

And leave me at Point Barrow Fair

To feed a prowling Polar Bear!

And let that Polar Bear embark

To satiate a Greenland Shark!

And let that Shark be snatch’d amid

The tendrils of a Giant Squid!

And let that Calamari Slick

Be slic’d & dic’d by Moby-Dick!

And when that Whale to Death descends-

Give Good King Crab the dividends.


J. B. Turnstone

J. B. Turnstone

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J. B. Turnstone