Inequality Kills across America

Inequality Kills
Inequality Kills

Destroying binary perspectives of complex, nuanced problems, always incurs nasty reactions, thanks to requiring people to think more than they would like. Well, here’s one such binary slayer. If guns don’t kill people, and people don’t kill people, then maybe, inequality kills people. Some fascinating stats and correlations present themselves here in this article from Greg Palast. Perhaps the fact that inequality kills won’t be news or a surprise to most people. But what will come as a surprise, will be a country like Switzerland with high gun ownership and virtually no gun homicides. A growing disparity between the health of the haves and have nots, should be cause for concern, if not alarm. If part of the mass shooting chaos owes to a mental health crisis, it’s no wonder why people lose their grip on reality in America. The Death Gap widens every day, robbing us of quality health, both physical and mental, while acting like a bellows on the raging fire of mass shootings sweeping across our blood soaked country.

Florida = Honduras: Inequality Kills.
Want to End the American Shooting Epidemic?

Guns vs Homicides by Nation


A crucial factor about the Florida killer: his family had to move out of the school district because they couldn’t afford the rent. Resentment yields anger. Not every poor kid becomes a killer — think Bill Clinton — but there will be one. Inequality kills.

A student of statistics — my son — was surprised by his regression analysis of gun ownership per capita in each nation versus homicides.

He wrote, “The result of my scatter plot came as quite the surprise to me: there was just about no correlation between number of guns and number of gun homicides.”

In fact, “the correlation coefficient was -0.105871699.” That is, by a small amount, more guns meant fewer homicides.

So what DID prove a strong correlation? Homicides versus the “GINI” coefficient. GINI is the measure of income inequality in a nation.

(And before your all scream at me because I’m simply telling you the facts, I will add that these nations with lots of guns and few or zero homicides all maintain strict gun SAFETY rules. In Switzerland, deadly weapons in your home must be safely LOCKED AWAY.)

Read the rest at Greg Palast…

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