Nothing’s Fucked Here, Dude – The Parable of the Pancakes

Despite the deafening roar of cynicism that announces our unfolding obliteration, existence is pretty awesome and most of the evidence supports that.

The Parable of the Pancakes

Two wise men did come to dine within a Village Inn

The den of antiquity and patriot of pancakes

Upon finishing their meals the first wise man was gazing upon the second

Who was busying himself with an act of tidiness

The first wise man saw that the second wise man

Was dipping his napkin in butter

And using it as though it were a cleaning solution

Upon discovering the success of the solution

The second wise man did cryeth out – “Eureka!”

“The butter cleans up the syrup.”

Hearing this, the two wise men were enlightened

The Parable of the Pancakes originally appeared in The Malcontent’s Manifesto.

Nothing’s Fucked Here, Dude…

You cannot swing a stick without hitting a doomsayer these days. Not that the behavior is new. Armageddon seems to be the most pervasive virtue signal throughout history. It is just that there are more of us now and our environment is saturated with a media frenzy of eschatological opportunism.

Even the high priests of materialist science have joined the cries of the end of times, as if this untestable prediction is any more relevant than when made by other kinds of priests citing an ancient book.

So how does this kind of Chicken Little-ism continue to be perpetuated?

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