The Occult Never Quite Goes Away…

kenneth anger

At 88, the film-maker, Kenneth Anger, writer and occultist is still creating his dark magic, and this weekend is showcasing the works of two women artists he knew – one of whom, he says, was ‘a genuine witch’.

Anger’s history with the occult dates back to 1955, when he visited and helped to restore Crowley’s former temple in Cefalù, Sicily. The relative paucity of material suggests the business of occult-inspired art is no longer flourishing in the way it may have been in the late 60s, when Anger associated with the Rolling Stones, and when he and Marianne Faithful travelled to Egypt to make Lucifer Rising and a small vanity mirror filled with heroin.

Anger anticipates the exhibition will in small measure add to the notoriety of Rosaleen, Cameron and Crowley. “The occult is an undercurrent, it never quite goes away,” Anger explains.

“It’s still going on because Crowley is an inexhaustible subject. There’s so much more in his work to uncover and I still read his work occasionally. But I don’t need to practice spells and rituals.”




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