Transphobia Is A Product of Scientific Materialism

How gender binary dogma and intolerance are products of our most pervasive beliefs about reality.

I have always found transsexuals, transgendered, transvestites and other human anomalies to be pretty fascinating. For most of my life I had never been opposed to them emotionally, intellectually or morally in any way.

However in the last decade some of the rhetoric regarding trans identity had become so foreign to me that I began to question the phenomena in ways that I had not before. I became skeptical of the motivations, intentions and psychological health of trans people.

Now I can admit that this was an irrational reaction to something that tends to cross my wires, which is political correctness.*** Political correctness can sometimes come off as a form of puritanism, and when it does so becomes a barrier to the understanding and acceptance that underlie its intentions. However those intentions should be honored and it is important to see truth behind even hyperbolistic rhetoric. In this case I let myself get so wrapped up in how uncomfortable political correctness had become that it distorted my perception and judgement of trans people.

I’m not proud of that, and I have tried to become less reactionary to things that make me uncomfortable in order to better understand them.

Finally it dawned on me that all of my criticism and skepticism of the trans phenomena were based on an ideology that I abhor even more than political correctness – scientific materialism. So I did what you are supposed to do when you find out you are wrong, I rethought my position.

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*** Since I wrote this even my disdain for political correctness has softened under the repetitive chants against it by reactionary conservativism has turned it into little more than a buzzword for masking explicit bigotry. You can find evidence of this shift in my recent here on Edgy Comedy and Cultural Marxism.