More Inhuman Than Human (and Other Channeled Transmissions)

2/11/2018 –

As I’m drifting asleep suddenly I’m consumed with this incredibly artsy visionary transmission. It’s all of these intricate and interwoven scenes of spectacular cinematic warring factions. This all seems cool until suddenly a voice pops into my head reminding me: this is exactly how they’re going to keep everyone at war. That’s the entire design. I then pull out of the vision and am informed: “This is your enemy.”

Just a reminder for me, but I must confess that my comic nerdiness has got me lost in all these Marvel/Star Wars Sci Fi films. I mean, Star Wars has war right in the goddamn title. Stan Lee makes no bones about the fact that super heroes were customized for war time. At this point, the greatest artists of our time are pretty much either going to sell out to that current, or make art in relative obscurity. Until we can come up with better plots for our fantasy worlds than war, we will never be able to vanquish it from our reality. This is getting increasingly worse rather than better I might point out.

I’m being shown it’s become as prevalent as it is for a specific reason. Since I’m like the one person talking about this and nearly no one agrees with me, getting rid of all that’s going to be a difficult fight. Second time in recent memory I’ve been confronted with the prospect of a new world war though, which is more than a bit disturbing. When the economy totally craters, lord only knows how we’re going to pull out of that. I think in general, until people can entertain the concept that a hero’s journey involves fighting a war against their own bullshit rather than external dehumanized enemies, we’re sort of screwed as a species.


March 2018 –

For a while I’ve been waking up in the hypnagogic state from time to time with this overwhelming realization that I’m not a human. I can feel what I am and it’s more like this being of light that expands far past my physicality and I can tell that my body (which feels like a black anchor) is just locking me into this particular plotline. The idea that I am in fact a human seems ridiculous for brief spells and then I get pulled back into the fold and it feels normal again. Shit I already know, but still profound.

So this has happened a few times but then one night last week when I kept having the same repeated vision while dangling between the waking world and the beyond. I’m seeing human lives, but from this perspective they look like a frozen pool of dark potential energy lying in a smooth and discombobulated black mass on the ground. From above, a living light merges with them, calculatedly illuminating them in their entirety before detaching and then swooping back up into an unknown sky. I’m shown multiple examples of this, over and over. Yin and Yang, Light and Dark. Potential and actualization. The dark mass of space means nothing until a star forms turning cosmic kinetic energy into far out flesh.

Later I’m meditating and I suddenly find myself flying outside of this desert psi tower. I soar from the ground up to the exquisite architecture of the top floor. I transmute through the walls and am surprised to find it completely empty. I sort of get the meaning. I’m not surprised there’s no one there, but more taken aback that the room is devoid of furnishings. You no longer need worldly crap when you’re in the upper dimensions I guess. You are the reality. I don’t entirely get it though.

And it gets more confusing. All of a sudden: “people pray to you” pops into my head, which I interpret as this is the level of godhood, but I’m perplexed. It gets more confusing. Shortly after, the words: “God Killer” pop into my mind and I contemplate the idea that a god might want to die to be relieved of his current state of seeming omniscience. Even that would get old I suppose. There’s always higher up to go. It’s cool to be the top floor, but you’re still not the sky.

No clue what this all means though, but I will say that later on I ended up reading some Dr. Strange comics in the studio and this concept of supernatural entities needing to die to move on was in fact explored in a few of the stories. Synchronous, and I find myself contemplating it all in a meditative state a few days later. This time, as I’m thinking about the God Killer concept the word “Satan” pops into my mind. And with that I’m hearing a conversation.


“But Lord, they can’t, not change.”


“Let them fight for it.”

I would interpret this to mean that the plan of forcing our awakening through environmental collapse has been delayed to see if we start to show some progress. Just speculation based on what I’ve been shown in the past, but I could be off. Let them fight for it goes with some other creepy shit I’ve been picking up about war lately as well, but even there I wouldn’t get super beat up. We will evolve, we might be forced, we might do it more on our own. But we need to fight…for change.

A few nights later I’m contemplating this again and the word “cancer” enters my headspace. Are we the god killing cancer? Did the empty room mean that God has moved out? Are we now awaiting our new galactic overlord? The only answer to that question is: “What in the absolute fuck?”


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Thad McKraken

Thad McKraken

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Thad McKraken