Guns & Abortions: Everyone Leaves Angry

Gun control is a naive agenda, but guns and their owners are also full of shit; as are many arguments for abortion, but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t be having the fuck out of them.


“Gun rights are not for preserving hunting, they are for protecting ourselves from an intrusive government.”

Cool story, bros. But guess what? The state has already trampled all over you. They steal from you and keep you under the perpetual threat of violence. They spy on you, prohibit your private healthcare decisions and essentially own your ass on paper.

What are you waiting for? Are the only rights you are willing to protect with your guns your gun rights? To what purpose? Just to have a gun so you can have a gun so you can have a gun? They can steal, threaten, spy and enslave you and you will chill on the revolutionary shit so long as they let you have your guns while they do it? Are you even listening to yourselves?


Pro-choicers have a problem, and that problem is that their entire liberal ethos allegedly eschews violence. And yet killing fetuses is probably almost definitely violence. To resolve their bullshit they have come up with the incredibly idiotic theory that you aren’t a real person until you make it past the clitoris. TOUCHDOWN!

The rationalizations are often sciencey. They aren’t really science, but they use scientistic language to create ‘stages’ in which to arbitrarily place “life” where it is politically expedient and morally convenient for pro-choicers.

However if we look to chemistry, the most definitively ‘hard’ science, we can pretty easily dismiss the “not alive til” nonsense.

If you make a compound from two chemicals, the act of mixing those chemicals has created that compound. There will be an initial reaction as the compound is formed, but at no time is this mixture something other than the compound. To do so, you would have to separate the original two chemicals.

Ergo, if you fertilize ovum with semen, you have created an initial reaction (gestation) that is a quality of the compound (life).

Further scientistic rhetorical maneuvering will never resolve the amount of bullshit it takes to place the beginning of life anywhere but at conception. And if you have to deny the obvious to justify your beliefs and actions, then that puts your beliefs and actions into question. Which is a fucking shame because…

I think anybody should be able to have an abortion for any reason if they want to. Even transgendered goat-people with bubble gum wombs.

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