Who The Hell Decided To Burn Trees And Call It Renewable Energy?

News came out the other day that the Amazon Rain Forest is pretty much beyond the point of saving now. Another way of saying that, without paying lip service to dissonance, derangement, or diplomacy, would be: Earth was just diagnosed with terminal lung cancer.

Trees are literally the last line of defense between Life and the vacuum of Space.

Between Being, and Not Being.

Incredible, isn’t it, that we never learned this in church or school?

It seems like the kinda thing that might have a profound effect upon the way we choose to live and relate to the natural world.

If there were no trees on this planet, and only grasses and agricultural crops, there wouldn’t be enough oxygen to maintain an atmosphere. Earth’s surface would end up as barren as Mars. Water would boil away, and even tardigrades would die out, for the ionizing radiation would sterilize her remains for the remainder of time.

The great Rain Forests are so fragmented at this point, they stand exposed to an unprecedented risk of wildfire. An extreme drought could wipe the Amazon from the face of the Earth in a single year.

Consider, then, what manner of apocalyptic karma we might incur by slaughtering the remaining few, shipped off to Europe to be burned as “renewable energy” in state-sanctioned “efforts” to save the planet?

From The Guardian:

The European Union is moving to enact a directive to double Europe’s current renewable energy by 2030. This is admirable, but a critical flaw in the present version would accelerate climate change, allowing countries, power plants and factories to claim that cutting down trees and burning them for energy fully qualifies as renewable energy.

Even a small part of Europe’s energy requires a large quantity of trees and to avoid profound harm to the climate and forests worldwide the European council and parliament must fix this flaw.

It’s especially mind-boggling to know that wood-fire power plants emit more carbon than fossil fuels or natural gas. A single green-washed wood-fire plant can spew 50% more C02 than coal-fire. Satanic Mills, indeed.

Reading on:

Although regrowing trees absorb carbon, trees grow slowly, and for some years a regrowing forest absorbs less carbon than if the forest were left unharvested.

Eventually, the new forest grows faster and the carbon it absorbs, plus the reduction in fossil fuels, can pay back the “carbon debt”, but that takes decades to centuries, depending on the forest type and use. We conservatively estimate that using deliberately harvested wood instead of fossil fuels will release at least twice as much carbon dioxide to the air by 2050 per kilowatt hour. Doing so turns a potential reduction in emissions from solar or wind into a large increase.

The scariest part? For 13 years now, between 45 and 56% of Europe’s energy has been generated by burnt up trees. Not wood. Not charcoal. Murdered forests. Burnt up trees.


(sorry bout the graphic: those dark green sections are murdered trees)

It should be abundantly clear by now that “sustainable solutions” do not exist under the influence of industrial civilization. Never have, never will.

ed abbey


Biomass is, by far, the world’s Number One source of “renewable energy.”

The problem is, the shareholders up at Mammon & Moloch, Inc. don’t just sit around with their demonic thumbs up their asses waiting for plant life to, you know, renew itself. Adam Smith’s Invisible Hand wags its finger, and governments consent by any means necessary.

The US exported 4.4 million tons of murdered forest to Europe in 2015. To help them comply with governmental initiatives to save the planet.

There’s only 4% Old Growth remaining in the Lower 48.

Sic Transit Gloria Mundi, folks. Reduced for Quick Sale.


carpe noctem


Timber giants Weyerhaeuser and Potlatch cut on a 60 year rotation, even though most of the species they’re slaughtering, such as Douglas Fir and Ponderosa Pine, don’t reach sexual maturity till they’re in their 80s. You should see how much these pestilential parasites give to charity. It ain’t cheap, you know, keepin’ up with that oily warlock David Koch, who funds the science programming for PBS.



Germany, still goose-stepping its way to a Greener Future after all these years, promised to buy so much palm oil from Indonesia, that the Indonesian army went out and murdered every last forest elephant and orangutan they could find in their National Park lands. The orangs are routinely burned alive in their nests.


With no endangered species left to protect, the Indonesians have replaced their native forests with date palm plantations. Date palm oil is what the Germans turn into bio-diesel, to save the planet from the tyranny of petroleum. They want every car on the Autobahn burning this stuff within 20 years. If this doesn’t stop NOW, the orangs will be gone in five years’ time, fuel for the Necromancers of Merkelwood.

What more can I say?

In times like these, I just break down and read Robert Frost:

A scent of ripeness from over a wall.
And come to leave the routine road
And look for what had made me stall,
There sure enough was an apple tree
That had eased itself of its summer load,
And of all but its trivial foliage free,
Now breathed as light as a lady’s fan.
For there had been an apple fall
As complete as the apple had given man.
The ground was one circle of solid red.

May something go always unharvested!
May much stay out of our stated plan,
Apples or something forgotten and left,
So smelling their sweetness would be no theft.

And I listen to John Prine:


I’ve seen plenty of scenic places paved and plowed and scorched under the banner of post-modern “Quality of Life,” wild creatures and spirits extirpated for the luxuries of post-modern banality. I wish it was just a capitalist thing, or a Western thing, but it’s a civilization thing, and in the same sense that fighting for peace is like fucking for virginity, there can be no civilized resistance to civilization.

It has to come from somewhere deeper. From something older. From something… beyond us… as much above, as below:


J. B. Turnstone

J. B. Turnstone

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