I Found a Dog That Looks Just Like Terence McKenna and I Have No Idea What to Do with this Information

Okay, so a couple of things. First off, this guy named Kevin Whiteside is putting together an archive of Terence McKenna goodies and doing a GoFundMe, so if you want to put your hot dollar vote toward furthering that cause, here’s his page. But I want to see a promo video to help me decide whether or not I even want to click on that shit? Well holy crap you’re in luck:

Next order of business. Last week my wife called me over to look at a cute dog picture on her Pinterest page (because of course she did) and I was like, whoa. Not only is that dog super goddamn adorbs, it also looks just like freaking Terence McKenna. No really, take a gander:


Now, here’s where the weird existential dread crept in. What on earth do I do with this discovery? If only this information had been unearthed by an actual comedy writer, with legit meme making skills. Alas, things don’t always work out like that and so this is the lameness you’re stuck with:




Probably my fave:

mckennadog - culture is not a good boy

Okay I’m done. Someone out there has to have a better idea what to do with this concept than me. Should maybe be noted that as far as I can tell, this photo was taken by Laurie Herndon, so props.

Thad McKraken

Thad McKraken

Thad McKraken is a psychedelic writer, musician, visual artist, filmmaker, Occultist, and pug enthusiast based out of Seattle. He is the author of the books The Galactic Dialogue: Occult Initiations and Transmissions From Outside of Time, both of which can be picked up on Amazon super cheap.
Thad McKraken