Oregon’s “Oculus Anubis” Mystery Solved

Damascus, Oregon's "OCULUS ANUBIS"
The Oculus Anubis

The “OCULUS ANUBIS”, is a Damascus, Oregon estate that has been awash in torrid local lore and riddled with fantastically absurd myths since it’s construction decades ago.  Most of these myths are simply fiction, sure, but the estate’s true nature proved to be quite sinister when all was said and done, but I’m getting ahead of myself…

The “OCULUS ANUBIS” (the estate’s colloquial title) legend begins with the compound’s gaudy, Egyptian-themed ornaments that litter the affluent entrance.  This ominously gold-gilded lawn decor, coupled with the infamous nature of it’s intensely private (and yet, boldly decorative?) inhabitants, became perfect fodder for the wild yarns that spun from locals.  Of course, these yarns (as with most local legends) are mostly birthed from conjecture and speculation authored by whacked-out conspiracy weirdos and the likes of  young high-school gabbers and old gossip folk alike.  But the O.A. transcended local tales and went on to spawn it’s wild whimsy across the internet.

No matter if it was a formal inquiry from a local news reporter or a drunk, trespassing “truther”, the O.A.’s owners’ reactions to any and all public inquiry remained consistent: stories of  their creepily silent or severely verbal aggressions towards outsiders could be chalked up to semi-violent “get off my lawn-isms”- though, these reactions were usually mixed with threats of legal recourse to any and all forms of query.    The residents seemed to relish in the spooky obscurity surrounding their home, as if allowing the outlandish theories and fears to blanket them from too-much nosey, outside interference; the “Let ’em squawk” defense as a means to be, well, left be.  This reactionary demeanor  only proved to stoke the public’s paranoia.


Note:  The Statue at the gates is of the god Set, not Anubis. However, Set, The God of Violence, is far more appropriate when the owners’ domestic strife is eventually revealed…

You’d agree these elements are all primo cogs in a conspiracy machine, ripe for the “info-wars” era of yellow journalism. Incendiary ingredients for a riveting local legend,  in fact, so incendiary that the O.A.’s weird and wild tales reached national speculation across many esoterica websites and blogs, including Disinfo…

Incognito Chupacabra’s Disinfo portrait of the O.A. was my gateway drug to the O.A. conspiracies.  Not only was it accessible  to me as a Portland, Oregon resident, but the mere mention of the place stirred a cornucopia of conspiracy theories amongst Portlanders.  This fascination led me to initially compile an in-depth article of it’s many myths, intended as a celebration of local lore and urban legend.  I had no idea that that article would find me unwittingly becoming a character in it’s strange unraveling as the O.A.’s truths were to finally be revealed during my investigation.

For the anniversary of this obsessive investigation of mine, I present the Legend of The Oculus Anubis, from its many initials myths to it’s final revelatory facts.  The investigation is culminated throughout three separate pieces originally posted on  Esotericana.com, organized in sequential order below.

The following articles are not directly causal to solving the legend, I must say, but my journalistic voyage into the O.A. proved to be the most thorough series dedicated to the Oregon legend.  A series that helped usher an end to the long gestating wayward myths and folklore surrounding this odd estate, and eventually, helped reveal the twisted realities that lay within.

Arial View of The Oculus Anubis


Part one of our journey begins in my compilation of The Anubis Mythology:

The Temple Oculus Anubis Keeps Oregon Myth-Makers Reeling

The compound is a sprawling residence (?) supposedly consisting of two lavish houses connected by an underground tunnel system.  Yet, the subterranean mysteries surrounding the house aren’t what keep the locals spinning yarns of occult sacrifice, or Illuminati and O.T.O. operations – that goose-bump-inducing accounts seem to be corroborated by the magnanimous Egyptian architecture and statues surrounding the outside of the compound.

In the follow up piece, I solidified the intention of the previous article as one celebrating it’s mythology without subscribing to any of them.  I was even interviewed for my opinions regarding Anubis for a short journalistic podcast in a piece I, admittedly, prematurely titled:

The Temple of Oculus Anubis Mystery Solved

About six months ago I had the pleasure of being interviewed for an audio segment by two Portland grad students, Joe Kuffner and Phoenix Jiang, to discuss the article’s intention and the fun of it’s curious conspiracies… The thing is, they went one further, something I didn’t even consider doing in my piece, they solved the mystery.

But it wasn’t until the respected local rag, The Oregonian, uncovered the true details of the Anubis’ owners, both confirming my prior verdict on it’s seemingly unspectacular creation while revealing the far-more troubling, and real, drama that lay therein:

Temple Oculus Anubis: The Final Chapter?

However, as I look back at the aforementioned article’s byline it’s entirely possible that I may have written the cosmic check to come; one that’s usually doled out to such a cocksure assessment that it had been “solved”.  I am humbled to admit that it wasn’t:  It seems there was something nefarious going on behind the ominous gates, something that was far too real.

This past Halloween I was able to treat some European friends with a visit to the compound.  I was sad to see the compound in disrepute as the once gilded Egyptian monuments have grown unkempt and on the verge of crumble.  The air of the compound was distilled with abandon and the once burgeoning mystére that flickered beyond the gates is now dimmed and devoid.  The compound, now a relic of stolen and misappropriated monies, is left an unfinished tomb to the withered excess of a crooked family empire… I had surmised it’s fate lay up for auction.

Enjoy the tale.  Oregonian or not, I bet you will have at least an iota of the fun unraveling the mystery of local haunt, one mired in years of myth only to finally be revealed as an edifice to family drama that is truly stranger than fiction!

The Oculus Anubis - Damascus, Oregon

The Oculus Anubis – Damascus, Oregon

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