Trump #MAGA the Alpha Male!

Beatings, sexual assault, lies, coverups, pedophile rape.

God bless ‘Merica!

The era of the pajama boy is over.

All HAIL the Alpha Male!

Video by A.SacK

Music by Killer & the Kids
-Jon Glascoe, Vox
-Christian Ropple, Guitar
-Dan Altman, Guitar
-Jeremy Tuman, Bass
-Alex SacK, Drums

Alex Sack

Alex Sack, born 1970, is a taxi driver who grew up in the Washington D.C. suburbs of Maryland. He attended several different colleges and universities around the D.C./Baltimore region as a music major for 4 & 1/2 years before quitting - pre-diploma - to the horror of his father. He tried his hand as a professional musician/songwriter seeing him through travels domiciled in New York City’s East Village, Los Angeles (where he scored a few songs on The Disney Channel's 'Even Stevens') and San Francisco - where he's ultimately put down roots. Alex is a single dad to two boys, currently ages 15 and 17. His post-natal fallback occupation as Operations Assistant at a start-up clean-tech engineering consultancy came to a sudden end with the one-two punch of the owner’s fatal skiing accident in Tahoe and the subsequent downturn in the economy.This - and an acquired nervous twitch to cubicle work - has led to his latest job...

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