Wayward Worship Occultcast: Brother Jimbo & Lloyd Daylight

Episode 02 of Wayward Worship, Portland, OR's "Art and Occultcast" with guests Brother Jimbo and Lloyd Daylight.



This episode was recorded live at The Waypost in PDX on January 26th, 2017.

Brother Jimbo  deftly gabs to host and WtH Revelator Keats Rosz about his personal development as a prolific music magus by marrying musical theorem and metaphysical musings to produce a barrage of multimedia magicks in the modern digital age.

Lloyd Daylight performs a couple soliloquies from his strange and beautiful repertoire, exorcising the topics discussed with a couple songs that would make a weary man punch the ghosts that sour the somatically sullen with a spectacular sweetness.

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Theme song “Westward Ho” by DAKOTA SLIM from the forthcoming album, “Cactus Crown”.


Interlude music from Bryan Bruner and his custom synthesizer transmogrifier, recorded live at a previous taping of WW at The Waypost.

From Revel

At last, after weathering the psychic tundra of a transmogrifying couple of months, WAYWARD WORSHIP is back in the fold.

We The Hallowed hosted live tapings of Wayward Worship over the last six months at our recently concluded residency at the Waypost in Portland, Oregon. These dates were beautiful anchors during these tempestuous months, ushering me back to the brilliant community we have birthed. I am forever grateful for all who helped make these fun and informative, deep and gratifying, weird and wonderful, surprising and goofy bewitching public salons.

During this episode, I had a few whiskeys. Okay? Listen, I was battling a cosmic shift in personal resolve and domesticity- floundering in the ruins of a long-term paradigm whilst reconciling a, new, intense, psychic fever of an intense new one. I was in the thick of it, so to speak.

While Jimbo and I had a brilliant conversation, towards the end we got a little loose and humorously devolved into goofball-dom with the audience. I’m going to miss the residency for these exact moments: beautiful breaks in the otherwise deep and involved conversations.

Now, in early March, I have seemingly found my sea-legs amongst my inner sea-change.

A release frequency has been drafted for new episodes to premiere weekly. All interviews and performances captured during our residency dates will be featured in oncoming episodes.

Now with the residency concluded, WAYWARD WORSHIP will reformat to an intimate setting, conjuring conversations and performances from guests outside of the Pacific Northwest via telecommunication and mostly outside the confines of a rigid event schedule in an audience-led atmosphere.

There will be more WAYWARD WORSHIP salons / events. Stay tuned for more info.


If you’d like to chat with Revel Rosz about utilizing metaphysical means to create, join the collective, share some art or gab about the phantasmagoric fallacy of existence, e-mail Revel at revelrosz@gmail.com.







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Revel Rosz

Revel Rosz

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Revel Keats Rosz is a Portland, Oregon based writer, composer, filmmaker, occultist and Revelator for the art-religion, WE THE HALLOWED.
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