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Old School Rushkoff

Old School Rushkoff

For the past couple months I’ve been contributing artwork/comix to Douglas Rushkoff‘s incredibly illuminating podcast TEAM HUMAN, inspired by the ingenuity and integrity of the ideas germinating in this grassroots media lab, I hoped to help them grow just that little bit more by sharing them via my silly little scribbles.

I thought it would be thematically satisfying to bring it all back to disinfo, where so many of these memes first began to propagate, and so enclosed please find a small injection of this Rushkoffian media antivirus :)))

EP. 0 - Douglas Rushkoff (TEAM HUMAN)

EP. 31 - R U Sirius (TEAM HUMAN)

EP. 32 - Laszlo Karafiath PHD (TEAM HUMAN)

EP. 55 - Jon Lebkowsky (TEAM HUMAN)

EP. 75 - Annalee Newitz (TEAM HUMAN)

EP. 76 - Howard Rheingold (TEAM HUMAN)

EP. 77 - Lauren McCarthy (TEAM HUMAN)

EP. 78 A - Erik Davis (TEAM HUMAN)

EP. 78 B - Josette Melchor (TEAM HUMAN)

EP. 79 - Suzanne Slomin (TEAM HUMAN)

EP. 80 - Kenric McDowell (TEAM HUMAN)

EP. 1 - Astra Taylor (TEAM HUMAN)

EP. 2 - Richard Maxwell (TEAM HUMAN)

EP. 3 - Esteban Kelly (TEAM HUMAN)

EP. 4 - Micah White (TEAM HUMAN)

EP. 5 - Andy Bichlbaum (TEAM HUMAN)

EP. 6 - Kio Stark (TEAM HUMAN)

Bobby Campbell

“I seem to be a verb.” – Bucky Fuller
Artist • Writer • Graphic Designer
Creator of Weird Comix & Agnosis!
Credits include cover artwork and illustrations for:
Robert Anton Wilson, Douglas Rushkoff, Timothy Leary, Robert Shea, Christopher S Hyatt, Antero Alli, Toby Philpott, The Headies, Power of IV, and untold thousands more.

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