The PRAGMAGICK Cast w/ Erin Aquarian • Strange Chan • Sexy Coyote

The Pragmagick Cast is the evolution of the Wayward Worship podcast.  We have found hosting and are moving the collective’s, We †he Hallowed, website material and past episodes over as we construct new episodes within a similar, but updated format!  


Pragmagick intends to be an auditory journey through the investigation and pragmatic application of metaphysical concepts to enhance and inspire, what I consider to be, the great, equalizing purpose of our short, human existence: the creative process.  

This wondrous and bewildering journey of experiencing this fleeting moment under the sun is the ultimate creative process:  the hopeful evolution and manifestation of each participant’s realization into masterful works of experiential art is alchemy, and “as above, so below,” the microcosm answers the macrocosm as the universe is filtered through our unique, mutated consciousnesses as art and ideas.  Magick is that cosmic call and response, the creator divining the mundane to create the mundane divine.  The manifestation of thought into purpose, of purpose into action… you get the idea.

My halfcocked philosophizing aside, writer and Magician Alan Moore explains, “Much of Magick is the search of the Self with a capital S, and this is understood as being The Great Work…as being the will, the soul, the thing that is BEHIND the intellect: the body, the dreams, the inner dynamo,” and that “when we are  doing the will of our true Self,  we are inevitably doing the will of the universe.  In magic, these are seen as indistinguishable.

Famed Psychologist and Mystic Carl Jung called the true will “Individuation, or pursuing one’s own vision of the truth, and, in so doing, realizing one’s fullest potential as a human being.  Throughout this podcast you’ll be privy to my infinitely humble journey as creator and practitioner, discussing and revealing the Great Work of artists and thinkers, studying their rituals and spells that invoke to inspire that psychic push to wrestle the human condition from the woes and throws the dark and the drab.

Personally, I intend on rectifying some rituals gleaned from years of dancing with the devil in the pale moonlight, rituals that work against my passions.  We all have them.   It is my intention to learn and reveal exercises that ex-hex the oppressive thought patterns inside and the psychic vampires outside, both always lurking, waiting to waste more of the time and attention so little of which I and you are afforded, I will  consort the unseen as means for conjuring a portal out of the creative stagnation that bewitches each and all of us artists.

Revel Rosz

Erin Aquarian chats with We The Hallowed’s Revel Rosz about her journey from torment to tarot.  She’s Portland figurehead in the occult scene, running a successful service as Tarot Diviner, Intuitive Healer and “FULL TIME WITCH.”  This introductory chat is hopefully just the beginning of Pragmagick’s insights into her Great Work!

We also hear from Strange Chan‘s James Chan about the surprising process of turning a Bo-Diddly cover into a fantastic anthem, “Visceral“, from his debut album, Human Behavior.  The record was produced by Unknown Mortal Orchestra‘s Riley Geare.

And Kamen Ross of ROGOZO gives us some insight on the ethereal paranoia behind his former band’s, SEXY COYOTE, brilliant track, “Never.”  You can find this song, along with tracks from Strange Chan, Spare Spells and other We The Hallowed artists on W†H’s debut 23 minute Audio Sigil (Compilation) composed by Iohnnes Pontes.

Theme “Wayward Worship” from DAKOTA SLIM‘s upcoming release, “CACTUS CROWN.”

Closing song: DAKOTA SLIM “The Tether (demo)”

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Revel Rosz

Revel Rosz

Revelator at We The Hallowed
Revel Keats Rosz is a Portland, Oregon based writer, composer, filmmaker, occultist and Revelator for the art-religion, WE THE HALLOWED.
You can sift through his writing, music, and film projects at THEREVELREVIVAL.COM
Revel Rosz