When Creeps Who Can’t Get Laid Cheer on an Asshole Who Committed Mass Murder Because He Couldn’t Get Laid

I have been saying that the primary motivation for most of these lone wolf mass murderers has been a terrible sex life going all the way back to Columbine. Once that happened I was like, so they shot up their school because they couldn’t get laid? That was my first reaction to the Columbine shooting 19 freaking years ago. Up to this point, I have seen very little evidence that the exact same underlying motivation hasn’t ultimately lead to 98% of these lone wolf mass murders. Even with the Orlando shooting, guy was getting laid constantly but was super freaking conflicted about his homosexuality due to his religious fundamentalist upbringing.

Why have I always said this? Because I was terrible with women when I was younger so I know exactly how much post pubescent testosterone overload combined with zero game whatsoever can drive a young man insane. I somehow went from being awful with women to amazingly competent pretty much overnight, but I have zero clue how south my psychology potentially could have gone had that not happened. Anywho, this Incel movement has been getting a ton of press, but you know what hasn’t? The fact that a lot of these sexless sad sacks were actually cheering the dude on. (from the always excellent We Hunted the Mammoth Website):

But no one was quite so enthusiastic about the killings as the commenter calling himself BlkPillPres, who wondered if the killer had taken the advice he had given in a previous thread to use something other than guns in his “ER” — that is, Elliot Rodger-style — attack.

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Thad McKraken

Thad McKraken

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Thad McKraken