It Is Impossible to Separate the Artist from Their Art

Face the uneasy fact that you cannot separate the art from the artist, and your support for their work provides validation of the artists actions and ideologies.

Here is the key to this entire argument, right up front.

Everybody is an artist, and they themselves are a product of their own creativity.

(or lack thereof)

From the idealist perspective, there could be no more apparent truth. The self arises as a manifestation of the individuals concept of their own self. We are our own ‘ontological primitives’, as a friend of mine would say. We are the great masters that make the grass green, which includes the apparent form that is utilized in our own experiences of self. Each of us appears as the objective image of our own internal narrative of who we are.

However even from a normative realist/materialist perspective, psychology and other scientific disciplines tell us pretty much the same thing. The self is a self construct. While it takes clues from the historical and circumstantial narratives of its environment, we are the ultimate curator of who we are. Whether you color inside the lines or disregard them entirely, who you are depends on what you put into being you.

Those with a lack of abundance in creativity will simply absorb the most normative narratives and scripts of those around them. Though I admit it appears quite condescending, these are the folks I sometimes call non-player characters, low stakes rollers on the wheel of free will.


p.s. You might disconnect the artist from their art in your own mental processes, but your support for their art still effectively works as promotion, advocacy and support for the artists themselves. Being in denial of the outcomes which you contribute to does not effectively cast them into the void.