The Occult: A Silly Game for Goth Dorks

The obsessive study and practice of the occult is really just a type of playacting at intellectualism couched in ancient knowledge readily available on Wikipedia.

For westerners interested in alternative ideologies, study of the occult is a popular way of expressing a difference from the status quo. With its reputation for hidden, dark and esoteric content, occultism seems like an affront to Judeo-Christian beliefs. It has given rise to an entire counterculture and supports a widespread media industry that cater to occultism as a profitable demographic. As this interest and popularity have grown, the occult has become an identity. A brand name for those living comfortably in the suburbs of the fringe.

The belief that the occult represents some hidden, secretive knowledge is an anachronism. With the advent of the internet, occult knowledge is now widely available to almost every human being alive, and is certainly not difficult to find. No longer must the occultist seek out rare grimoires from underground bookstores and private sellers, then spend months translating and decoding the contents to become an authority on them. You can just Google it now.

Another belief is that occult information is somehow a source of power. There is about as much evidence for this as there is for Noah’s Ark, invisible pink unicorns and reptilian overlords who control the Illuminati. Were there actually any practical benefits of occult studies and practices you can bet your ass they would have been co-opted by corporations long ago and wizards would have replaced CEOs. Of course the people who believe in the reptilian Illuminati overlords think that is already the case.

On top of the obfuscation and uselessness of occultism, it has long been a playground for the very worst sort of people. Misogynists, fascists and an assorted menagerie of fucking creeps have all been drawn into occultism and helped add to its narrative. Much modern occult thinking was conceived of by these ethical outliers, and as such modern occultism is imbued with the values of white nationalists and psychopaths, who have become heroes to occultists willing to overlook these problematic people and their cracker voodoo.

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