The Orwellian Football League

The justifications being issued for why to continue supporting the NFL despite the recent decision to force ‘patriotic’ speech are nothing less than Orwellian newspeak.

To be fair, I haven’t really watched professional sports in a decade, so my decision to boycott the NFL isn’t really any great sacrifice. And yet as I watch my friends scramble to issue justifications to continue supporting an organization that is in absolute opposition to their stated principles, I am overwhelmed by the sketchy logic and unwillingness to sacrifice mere entertainment in defense of their beliefs.

Of course most of their arguments are being supplied by media pundits with a direct interest in the continued success of the NFL. And the justifications constructed by these professional obfuscators are no less dazzling for all the bullshit they are constructed from. Here is my favorite one:

“Boycotting the NFL would be limiting that organizations free speech, and isn’t this all about free speech?”

Somehow we are supposed to believe that defending the right for a corporate entity to force individuals it employs to participate in speech against their will is a defense of free speech? Holy mental gymnastics, Batman!