An Interview with David Weitzman

Below you will find an interview with cosmic jeweler, David Weitzman. Dave is the owner and jeweler of Ka-Gold Jewelry.

David Weitzman was born in Israel. He is the force behind Ka Gold Jewelry. David has dedicated himself for many years to the search for sacred knowledge. He has vast knowledge in the fields of Kabbalah, sacred geometry, Egyptian wisdom, Jewish tradition, Tibetan Buddhism and other sacred concepts.

In 1998, David began making the Merkaba Pendant. The flood of responses from people telling him of the enormous changes in their lives, encouraged him to continue creating and distributing these symbols all over the world.

David’s jewels are designed from sacred geometry. Sacred geometry is a term which describes the geometrical laws which create everything in existence. This term has been used by mathematicians, geometricians, spiritual seekers, anthropologists, and archaeologists to encompass the religious, philosophical, and spiritual beliefs that have sprung up around geometry in all the major cultures during the course of human history.  The geometrical laws derived from the flower of life produce the blueprint of the One Consciousness that created life and existence.


Q: What inspired you to start Ka-Gold Jewelry? 

A: In 1998 I started to create the Merkaba pendants and different sacred geometry models. The flood of responses from people telling of the enormous changes in their lives and their experiences caused by these jewels – encouraged me to continue creating and distributing these symbols all over the world.

Q: What magical and astronomical work goes into creating your wares?

A: Each jewel prototype goes through a special energizing process. Each individual item is handcrafted and finished. This facilitates healing, self-balancing and helps the journey to the totality of the whole. My Astrological talismans are made on specific date and times which are chosen carefully by our astrologer Micahel Ofek. The election of the time is made when unique and powerful events that are beneficial are occurring.

Q: Who are some artists who have inspired your own work?

A: You can literally find several of those artists in my designs. For example, the Four winds ring contains a sentence taken from the Led Zeppelin song – Kashmir. The Dune pendant and ring are inspired by the book of Dune by Frank Herbert. The Bulgakov Ring is based on one of the greatest novels ever, the Master and Margarita, by the Russian novelist Mikhail Bulgakov.

Q: Do you practice magic?

A: I don’t see myself as a magician. I create jewelry with great intention and seek to combine beauty and esthetics with unique meaning that together can provide keys to achieving those things that you want most in your life.  The jewelry is a key to the immense power that you have within you.

Q: What makes your business unique among other creators of talismanic jewelry?

A: Two things are most unique: The designs. Many of our designs are something you can’t find anywhere else. The second thing is that we strictly follow the times of making and we are honest about it. For example, just recently I couldn’t get the design ready on time. So what I did is consecrated the gold from which it was made during the unique and narrow astrological time frame. We specifically wrote that and explained that to our customers.

Q: What is your favorite creation to date?

A: I love the Gordian Knot pendant. I believe it works in a very unique way to untie karmic knots. Here is a story about a guy who called me, sounding really sad. He told me that he bought my small Merkaba pendant at a shop and that the pendant had fallen down and got lost on the same day. He said he felt for a long time that he doesn’t have any luck and he hoped that the pendant would change it. I also learned that the seller at the shop from which he had bought it had overcharged him. I invited him to my workshop. Two hours later he went up the stairs; his leg was covered in a cast.

I took out three pendants and wanted to give them to him as a present but he agreed to get only the small Merkaba as a present and paid for the other two. The second pendant he bought was the Gordian knot (Torus knot). Three months later, the same guy called me all excited and said his luck changed on the same day. He said he decided to give his mate the second pendant. After she wore the pendant, she sat for an hour without talking. Later this evening she separated from him. After she went, his bad luck was gone, too.

Q: Where do you source the metals and stones for your pieces?

A: From local suppliers in Tel Aviv area. The gold and silver are recycled.

Q: Do you present your products at any festivals or shows?

A: Most of my work is sold online through our webshop I rarely visit festivals and shows and if I do it is for fun and not for business.

Q: What advice can you offer to young jewelers getting started in this industry?

A: Find your unique style that also gets a good response from buyers. As an artist, you will like to create something unique but you will need to couple it with real buyers interest otherwise you will end up closing the business.

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