Arthur Pendragon Near Eastern King and Legend

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Happy? If you’ve been waiting to binge on the newest television show from comic book writer and magazine Publisher Grant Morrison, then rejoice; Happy! is now streaming on Netflix.

The ultra violent and semi-animated show about a child’s imaginary friend come to life is a departure from Morrison’s normal foray into superheroes that rub elbows with New Gods although it does maintain the communal theme between the two works of immaterial beings tasked with material challenges.

The New Gods a Jack Kirby creation, are the cosmic superheroes that replaced the Norse gods after  Ragnarok. These Von Daniken-like deities participated in a prehistoric divine invasion of early human life.

In this reinterpretation of his Scottish genetic ancestry through the divinely engineered hero Aurakles, Morrison has cast new light onto the origins of Arthurian and Herculean legends. Morrison asserts that his people originated in the Near East and migrated up to the Isle of Man thousands of years ago bringing their history and lineage of heroes with them.

For Morrison this retconned fleshed out the genetic and phenotypic characteristics of Hercules, a self sacrificing hero. This created a template for the acceptance of the Classic Age hero in the Orthodox Church. What is created is a new lense to examine the legends of antiquity through and a new context to place these Western heroes of into.

No longer must Hercules be the blundering strongman of Disney lore,  nor the rapist of university textbooks. Via Morrison’s, “Seven Soldiers”the legendary figure is once again restored to the pious status that won him esteem and acceptance amongst the Mahayana Buddhists of northern India.

Channeled through Aurakles the Hercules of myth is endowed with the familiar gifts of Arthurian legends including Excalibur and Merlin, a magical being of living language. The hero is also gifted with the evolutionary development of the anterior cerebral cortex and the abilities of executive function. Packaging these legends in the modern comicbook mega event provides a new vehicle for these almost forgotten truths.


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