Welcome to Chillville, A Police-Free Community

To make the ideas presented easier to comprehend the text below is written from the future perspective of a fictional town’s fictional mayor.

Hello friends, my name is Gerald Kent and I have been the mayor of Chillville for nine years. I love this community like it is my very own family, each and every one. In my second year of leadership there were two unfortunate incidents with our law enforcement branch that got people discussing the necessity of a traditional police department here in Chillville. What we have accomplished in the years since has been nothing less than phenomenal. But first, let me tell you about our town.

Chillville is more or less your average American community. There are about 23,ooo residents and the issues we face are similar to any other place roughly our size and distance from a major city. Our crime rates were slightly below the national average for similar towns. It is important to remember that the services we created to replace policing were made to scale, and communitiesof different sizes and issues would be encouraged to make adaptations or new innovations to make something like what we have work for them. Because we have a small college we do have higher rates of public intoxication, which does cause some health and safety issues other towns our size do not have to worry about. There has also historically been an above average rate of domestic abuse, but we are now dealing with a lot less of that thanks to our community enrichment programs.

Our first challenge in replacing police was to determine exactly what issues policing seeks to address, and how to dismantle those aspects or replace them through different means. We nailed these down to a few categories.

  • Enforce local, state and federal laws.
  • Mitigate domestic disputes.
  • Understand and address public health and safety concerns.
  • Provide emergency response to extreme situations.
  • Resolve crimes involving victims through investigation and identification of the injuring party and the relevant facts of the crime.

It was clear that we needed to deal with each of these issues in some way. We started with the enforcement of laws and decided to take a whole new approach to your average community. Any law that addressed a victimless crime was deemed irrelevant, and we decided that we just would not apply them in any way, shape or form. This includes prohibition of goods or services, like drugs or prostitution, as well as things like curfews and code enforcement relating to personal property, to name a few.

We also recognized the disparity of law enforcement as it relates to class privilege and exceptions that have historically been made for the prominent and or well connected, and so now these powerful community members and their businesses are also subject to investigation, arbitration and restoration for white collar crimes that create victims inside and outside of our community. Everyone in Chillville is subject to equal application of the systems we have put into place. Class equality is a primary goal of our mission here. So is the concept of restoration, which I will discuss a bit more later.

Domestic disputes, we decided, were not best handled by a show of force. Instead they require skilled arbitrators that assist in conflict resolution, de-escalation and creating immediate solutions to practical issues; as well as documentation that can be reviewed in ongoing investigation, arbitration and restoration. It was decided to create a department of arbitration that is overseen by a small committee of elected members of qualified candidates, who are assisted in their activities by a support base of on call volunteers. A thorough study — which we have made available to public access and scrutiny — was conducted to identify qualities and skills conducive to arbitration, from which a test was devised to ensure we effectively screen potential candidates for our arbitration activities.

Arbitrators have also replaced our court system, but more on that later. So far the worst consequence of our shift to arbitrators is to make me virtually obsolete, as arbitrators provide such quality real-time service that they are considered the real leaders of our community. And they deserve every bit of the recognition and respect they receive.

We host regular community forums to discuss…