The Evolution of Disinformation Meets the Curse of Tradition

An open response to reader criticisms of the state of today.

Without a doubt the most pervasive negative feedback about some of the changes that have occurred at this website over the past few years is that the new guard are ‘ruining it’ by doing things differently than they used to be done. This argument falls flat on its face for many reasons.

First and foremost, things change. Everything you love will eventually become something else or die. You probably won’t always be able to keep loving those things through all of their changes, and that is okay. What is not okay is to insist that the world stand still forever so you can keep enjoying it just as it is. That is not going to happen, nor should you want it to. Change is inevitable. The inability to accept that puts you at odds with the entire world around you. Trust me when I say that your ruts hurt you more than change will hurt this website.

Secondly, there are over 35,000 articles published on this website. Chances are your favorite subjects and pet perspectives on them have already been covered here many times. That content never goes away. By offering new perspectives and challenging the old ones, the authors of this website are actually trying to keep it relevant, lest it become a brand name for traditions set forth decades ago. At some point even the content and ideas presented on this website must be subject to critical examination to keep in the original spirit of the whole affair. A that rewrites the same things over and over is really more of a re-info, which is antithetical to the spirit of countercultures and their evolution.

Finally, your complaints mean literally nothing to us. If you have something to say then you can say it in content. Anybody can submit their work to this website, and as long as it isn’t illegible or borderline fascist it will probably get published, even if it is in disagreement with what myself or any other author writes. So put some real effort into your ideas or criticism or put a sock in it. Nobody here is making a damn cent doing this and we sure as hell aren’t going to put in any effort in to pander to your reading desires just to make you happy. We do this to make ourselves happy. If others enjoy it – BONUS! If not, well then it is a whisper cast into the wind, and you shouldn’t get too worked up about it.

You might even, hell I dunno, be grateful that the people here put in so much time and effort with no real reward just to provide you content that comes from the bottom of their hearts. In a vast internet culture of ill will, appreciation and good faith are the new counterculture. Try it on and see if it doesn’t feel better to be a conduit of pleasure and gratitude than of misery and disdain. If not you can return to being a loudmouth curmudgeon whenever you see fit. Don’t expect our assistance.

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