Heterosexual men fall in love in lesbian chatroom

Jeffery Storr of Vancouver WA visited the Lesbian chatroom called  “F4F No MEN!!” under the name “EtherealFey”. He claimed he was just visiting the chatroom because he was bored at work one day.


But he met and fell in love with someone using the name “Mullet4Life”. She claimed to be a 22 year old art student at Smith College.


They spent long hours having lesbian cybersex with each other. They traded photos they said were of themselves but were really someone else. They sent roses by mail to each other and made Spotify Playlist. 


But it turned out that “Mullet4Life” was really a 32 year old mechanic from Hartford, CT, named Stanley Cooper.


Stanley was really in love with “EtherealFey” who he thought was a woman. So he confessed that he was a man. “I guess I thought I could change her. Make her love me even though I’m a man.”


Stanley’s heartfelt declaration of love touched Jeffery so much that he confessed he was a man.


But much to their own surprise this didn’t change the way they felt about each other. The were still in love.


“It’s not about the sex, I guess. We still have cybersex.” Said Jeffery.


Said Stanley, “We love each other but we aren’t really into the gay stuff. I guess that’s something we’ll have to work on. I’ve kissed him but I haven’t seen him naked. No homo.”


“We got together and watched the hockey game last WEEK and had some beers. I know it’s going to be difficult, but we think we can make it work.”