If You Can’t Figure Out that the “Intellectual Dark Web” is Just Some Rebranded Fox News Bullshit, You’re an Idiot

God, it’s times like these that I hate running a fucking website. I mean, really, I have to address this stupid shit? Seriously, the thing where right wingers realized everyone with talent hates them so they started pretending they weren’t right wingers? That thing? I actually have to explain this to people? Fuck me we’re doomed. I mean, I’m pretty sure I just laid it out, but let’s go through it all again quickly just to ease my mind.

Here, back on inauguration day I wrote a piece about how conservative people suck at art. The best band they could get for that particular event was fucking 3 Doors Down if you’re going to argue with me on that point. I mean, it’s just something fundamental we have to acknowledge about human psychology in general— obvious shit we intentionally ignore but the thing is, they’re onto us creative types. Their propaganda campaign is certainly morphing, and I hate to be the one to inform you that as far as I can tell it’s working so far.

I wish I didn’t have a social media account to promote my shit at this point, I really do, but here’s what’s going down. Creepy libertarian billionaires apparently did enough focus grouping to finally realize it’s considered “whack” among young people to be a regressive garbage person and religion is slowly going out of style, so they decided to calculatedly rebrand. Hello there fellow kids, I’m not a right winger. I’m a classic liberal. I just, uhhh, spend the vast majority of time and energy ranting about the dangers of PC culture…for some mysterious reason. I’m the only progressive guy into comparative mythology and Jung with the balls to constantly spew the exact same bile that idiotic right wing pundits make a living barfing out all day every day. Oh, what about the whole thing where we just gave rich people and huge corporations massive tax breaks in a time of unparalleled wealth inequality and corporate profits? PC culture’s the real problem here. It’s going to destroy society. PC culture is more dangerous than further massively jacking up the military budget like we just did. Climate change denial while the obviousness of climate change is being thrown in our face daily? PC culture you guys. Limp Bizkit’s free speech was infringed upon when nu metal when out of style. We barely survived. Jesus, if that’s your signature issue in life, then just go die and please don’t pretend you don’t know the EXACT politics you’re supporting. Spare me.

It’s not that complicated a grift. Just like they’ve been saying it’s Muslims, or Black People, or Jew bankers, or Mexicans, or just poor people in general to distract you from how rich people are fucking you over, now it’s those dang there PC hippies on the college campuses. The whole point is, don’t look at the actual policies getting rammed through. That’s all political coverage is these days, a huge distraction so we don’t mention the tragically awful shit going down continually on Capitol Hill every day. They’re not even trying to get people to vote Republican anymore, they just want them to hate liberals so much they either don’t vote or vote 3rd party because the result is identical. It’s why Russia was paying progressive American journalists to run their shows through hip counterculture websites like Disinfo.com for years. This isn’t that hard to figure out and I shouldn’t have to fucking explain it to people.

Hey, actual journalists, why are you not pointing out the obvious ties these dorks have to people like the Koch Brothers? It took me like 2 minutes to dig up some of this shit. Dave Rubin openly takes funding from Koch brothers linked organizations, and hey look, his upcoming conference is being held at a Koch brothers theater:

Man, that sounds like a crazy fun party event where they’re covering real hard hitting issues and you might just get to meet totally rad people like uber douche former college professor Bret Weinstein. Why on earth has no one called full on bullshit on this guy? Let’s review. Dude was a professor at a fucking hippie school. Seriously, anytime anyone I’ve ever known has brought up Evergreen State University the phrase “total hippie school” is almost always also uttered somewhere in that conversation, and I’ve known people who have gone there. I’m maybe one of the like five people in the universe who’s college career somehow went through both UC Santa Cruz and Ohio State and I must say, not even sort of the same thing. Bitching about overly PC culture at Evergreen State is sort of like complaining about religious indoctrination at Bob Jones University, or one of the gajillion other religious universities, when the real question there is: “why and how are those even a thing in the first place?” Hell, college football culture at a place like Ohio State is so much more creepy and “dangerous” than any degree of overly PC hippie school ridiculousness.

The important thing is, when does this “totally progressive guy yo” decide to finally wage this war against the fierce oppression of social justice on hippie school campuses? Oh yeah, right fucking after the 2016 election. Seriously, 10 days after that he sent an e-mail to their entire staff complaining about their new equity policy. Great timing there bruh, and purely coincidental I’m sure. Months later he decides to take this fight straight to Fox News, drawing craptons of racists onto the campus as chaos ensued. Again, never complained before Trump, but now it’s time to go on a right wing propaganda network and tell old white people exactly what they want to hear about the dangers of dirty Washington State hippie kids. Fuck this guy. He’s probably going to get forced out of Olympia for being a total dickwad and good, I’d spit on him if I saw him in the grocery store if I lived there too.

Here’s where it gets even dumber though, who’s Bret Weinstein’s brother? Oh yeah, the managing director of Thiel Capital. If you don’t know who Peter Thiel is, he’s an unbelievably creepy right wing Libertarian billionaire activist. Oh shit, here he is giving a speech at the last Republican convention.

This is all just coincidental though, clearly. Oh, and also coincidentally, Eric Weistein of Thiel Capital fame just so happened to coin this dumb ass term “intellectual dark web” and sell it to the mainstream press. So now it’s the alt right for dorky white kids, and the “intellectual dark web” for older creepy losers. Un-fucking-believable, and I probably wouldn’t even be writing about it if not for the man himself, the notorious JBP (the B stands for bootlicker by the way).

Jesus god I so wish I never, ever felt I had to punch down at this total refuse person but I saw something that shook me to my core last week. Daniel Pinchbeck inevitably got around to writing about what a regressive asshole Peterson is (which you should absolutely read) but on social media, 5 times more people were defending the guy than sticking up for Daniel…on his own page. Daniel Pinchbeck is primarily known for his psychedelic writing and not long before this, JBP dropped a straight up right wing propaganda video calling the 60’s hippie movement a bunch of dangerous nihilists out to destroy society:

Oh, what is Prager U you might ask? Yeah, just something a super conservative radio host whipped up that’s funded primarily by super religious fracking billionaires. So here’s this “classic liberal” making straight up right wing propaganda because that’s just something that most “classic liberals” do from time to time. But he says he’s not a conservative you guys. People are somehow buying this shit. Just saw trust fund Ayahuasca bro Aubrey Marcus pimping him saying incoherent pseudo profound bullshit on social media the other day:

Which essentially amounts to: I’m a psychedelic dude and this is the EXACT type of shit that got people thrown in jail for psychedelics in the first place, but this time it’s totally cool brah. These dudes aren’t going to narc out on us this time. No way. It would seem truly fucking impossible that people could be this stupid, but it is America after all.

You know what’s particularly sad about watching people fall for this crap though? What they’re doing is a strategy they’ve been talking about for years and still continue to openly discuss to this day. Here’s a fun article about it. So, they telegraphed a strategy, now they’re executing the exact strategy they telegraphed, and y’all are STILL fucking falling for it. What can I say, the new wave of creepy authoritarian propaganda ain’t gonna be as dumb as Fox News and Rush Limbaugh. Actually, you know what? This shit is almost actually dumber than any of that and even more obvious, which is maybe exactly why it’s working. Fox News does.

Thad McKraken

Thad McKraken

Thad McKraken is a psychedelic writer, musician, visual artist, filmmaker, Occultist, and pug enthusiast based out of Seattle. He is the author of the books The Galactic Dialogue: Occult Initiations and Transmissions From Outside of Time, both of which can be picked up on Amazon super cheap.
Thad McKraken