Kurt Cobain Lives On As Jordan Peterson

Did one of the most iconic rock stars of all time pull off one of the most bizarre hoaxes ever perpetuated on the general public.

From the early beginnings of Nirvana’s meteoric uprise, Kurt Cobain’s lyrics and public statements, as well as his fanbase, had earned him a reputation that the media translated into terms like ‘white trash intellectual’ or ‘redneck genius’. His ability to speak deeply, yet simply, about complex matters – combined with the scruffy flannel look – contributed to a public perception of him as a John Lennon-esque libertine lumberjack. He was Gen X’s sensitive beefcake, fighting with his music for the underdog pack he had come from.

After a time, could this role have become tiring? Although most people believe that Kurt had tired of the music industry and his own fame, could it actually be that he had tired of the recycled punk rock cliche that he had become?

The belief that Kurt had faked his own death is not new, as it is not new of almost any rock star or celebrity figure who has passed on under irregular circumstances. Nor is there any shortage of conspiracy theories surrounding the alleged suicide of the grunge rock legend. And while it may seem hard to believe that Kurt Cobain is still alive, and even harder to believe that he is now playing the role of a notorious conservative pundit whom looks nothing like him, an upcoming documentary claims…