Lemonade: The Libertarian Cliche That Marks Their Arrival to the Mainstream

When your ideology can be reduced to a single talking point, you can pretty much kiss your feelings of underdog superiority goodbye.

I was once a member of Team Liberty. It was kinda fun for awhile, and it did give me some perspective, having come out of a anarcho-socialist phase prior to that. However I was also at the forefront of the warning system a few years back when I started to notice that movement lose its core ideas and spirit, and replaced them with an approved script of cliches that quickly turned from anti-leftism to the alt-right.

Of the tropes that got recycled in that clique, one of the most pervasive was outrage over authoritarians breaking up a kids lemonade stand over code violations. And while I think that it is absolutely overreach, and that authorities who do that are absolute douchejackals, it is also pathetic to see the same people have the same kneejerk reactions over and over again. Lemonade stand outrage has become the standard libertarian virtue/identity signal.

Republicans – GUNS!
Democrats – ABORTIONS!
Libertarians – LEMONADE!

First of all, lemonade stands are themselves a cliche. A kid running a lemonade stand is not some future entrepreneurial innovator. They are more likely the asshole who will one day put the third coffee shop in the strip mall. You’re not fighting for that kid and their future business acumen, you are opportunistically holding them up as an example to validate your self-righteous ideology. It is the libertarian-approved ‘what about the children’, a trope you will hear them complain about endlessly when not in their own employment.

Recently the Country Time Lemonade company decided to help these kids fight back, and the libertarian crowd ate it up as expected. The fevered fervor of outrage has reached a new crescendo as the ‘no seriously, we are against corporations’ crew rally behind a state-approved corporation helping to boost the signal strength on their virtue signal. Once again the libertarians, or what are left of them after the great Neo-Nazi migration, have stuck a hypocritical foot in their mouth while still managing to yell at full volume. Maybe they should chill out with a nice glass of lemonade.